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20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles

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Is there anything as chic or sophisticated as the timeless bob? As a matter of fact, there is – bob braids are both elegant and edgy, plus they’re always in fashion. Easy to style, universally flattering, and extraordinarily versatile, bobbed braids run the gamut between funky and conservative.

Bob Braids Hairstyles for Inspiration

From short to mid-length and long, there’s a whole world of braided bobs – so maybe it’s time to explore a brand new ‘do?

#1: Simple, Chic and Bobbed

Angled Bob From Box Braids

This is everything a box braids bob is supposed to be. It’s an angled bob style that curls under the chin, just like the classic bob. That’s a flattering ‘do for just about anyone because it frames the face so beautifully and features the perfect length.

#2: Bob Braids with Bangs

A bob with bangs is its own special look. The bangs add some precious youthful playfulness to the look, not to mention the way they accentuate those big, bright, beautiful eyes!

Short Box Braided Bob With Straight Bangs

#3: Asymmetrical Bob Braids

This bob is so cool! It is an absolute perfection from root to tip. The side part has a slimming effect which is a big plus for round faces. These braids are the ideal length for a face-framing ‘do that doesn’t need a single accessory to make it stand out.

Side-Parted Box Braids Bob

#4: Long Bob with Thick Braids

Longer braided bob hairstyles are amazingly versatile. Having this hairstyle, it’s easy to pull off dozens of different styles, ranging from buns to ponytails and updos. The thickness of the braids creates lush, enviable bulk that’s also manageable and free of frizz.

Box Braids Lob With Beads

#5: Rolled Half Updo

This half updo somewhat reminds us of Victory rolls, but it’s much easier to do especially if you have such a great base for it. Simply divide, twist and pin. This is a stunning way to style a braided bob for anyone who loves retro-inspired hairstyles.

Half Up Box Braids Bob Hairstyle

#6: Short and Chic Bob Braids

Many bobs tend to be chin-length, but there’s no saying they can’t be a bit shorter than that. The short bob pictured here is a modern update of the classic hairstyle. It also works as a pretty protective style for African-American hair.

Short Side Part Bob From Box Braids

#7: Layered Bob Braids

Marvel at the perfection of these tight, tiny braids, the lovely color combo, and the beautiful silhouette of this bob. It’s on the shorter side and, thanks to the layers, it’s inverted. Because it’s layered that way, it angles longer toward the front, providing beautiful ascending lines that make the style edgy.

Short Layered Bob With Mini Braids

#8: Two-Tone Tiny Braids

Pixie braids in a bob suggest unlimited options in styling because these braids are usually small and manageable. Sweep them to one side, throw up into a half bun or braid the bangs… What else can you add? Some color – your favorite color or the one that compliments your skin tone.

Side Swept Bob For Pixie Braids

#9: Long and Short Bob Braids

It’s time to upgrade your short bob with an asymmetrical twist. Side parted styles are sexy and chic, so why not to try this awesome style with beautiful diagonal lines? A couple of purple braids will make it brighter.

Asymmetrical Bob Braids Hairstyle

#10: Braided and Wrapped

This box braid bob is full of style where every detail is considered. The braids start as cornrows and end as freely hanging tight plaits, sealed and curled under. This is definitely our favorite braided bob with highlights and accents, but let’s see what other ideas the following pictures reveal.

Curled Under Black Braided Bob

#11: Center Parted Bob

Thanks to the center part and the way these braids are carelessly thrown back, this is one bob that gives off a Boho allure. The beads add some glitz, and a few face-framing braids of a different color work as a lovely accent you may make noticeable or very subtle like in this example.

Box Braids Bob With Beads

#12: Multicolored Bob

Look how fun and vibrant this bob is on the photo! Imagine it in real life. Classic bobs are sleek and smooth, so why not shake it up a bit with the addition of vivid colors woven into the braids? The tousled styling is simple but undeniably cute.

Black, Blue And Blonde Box Braids Bob

#13: Braids and Buns

Once you get your new braided bob, you’ll be happy to wear those fun braids freely hanging for a while, but then you’ll wonder how else you can style them. Two Minnie Mouse buns are something simple and very girly-cute you can do within two minutes.

Two Buns Half Updo For Bob Braids

#14: Purple Pixies

Not only do pixie braids lend themselves well to the bob hairstyle, but they look gorgeous in vibrant, unexpected colors. Purple is a perfect choice, clearly, but almost any hue will work. It just takes confidence to pull off a sizzling, attention-grabbing hairdo like this.

Asymmetrical Purple Bob Braids Bob

#15: Bob Topped with a Bun

High buns and top knots offer an alternative to boring half-ponytails. Braided buns, in particular, are easy to create, plus, they open up the face. This is something that can effortlessly be achieved with bobs of any length and braid thickness.

Box Braids Bob With A Top Knot

#16: Half Up Box Braids

Box braids in a bob are like natural locks only much more manageable and free of frizz. This bob follows the popular asymmetrical style, and the thickness of the braids adds some serious volume. The golden beads on the braids support the brightness of these beautiful eyes. Notice also the cute purple and dark blue highlights. We love that they are not loud.

Asymmetrical Box Braids Bob Hairstyle

#17: Black Shoulder Length Braids with Accents

One of the best things about bobbed braids is definitely the possibility to add color effortlessly. Specifically, it’s easy to throw in a few braids in different colors, as seen here. Platinum blonde and golden accents refresh this long bob letting it reveal another layer of intrigue and depth.

Medium Box Braids With Blonde Highlights

#18: Pretty Pinned Back Half Updo

Here’s a fairly laconic bob style – chic, chin-length, and elegant. The bob braids are parted on the side and softly pinned back – a simple, easy style, but isn’t it beautiful?

Box Braids Bob Half Updo

#19: Bumped and Bobbed

Thanks to the bouffant and pulled back plaits, these bob box braids give off a glamorous retro vibe, reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s. Let a few braids pass across the forehead to make the bouffant seam even bigger and create a nice angle with your flawless eyebrow.

Bouffant Half Updo For Box Braids

#20: Stacked and Angled Bob

These braids are carefully layered for a cute cropped style with maximum volume. If you want a really short stacked style don’t, attach any braids to the nape. Let it serve as an undercut.

Short Layered Box Braids Bob

There’s a reason the bob is a timeless hairstyle, prone to popping up as a new must-have hairdo every other year. It’s versatile, easy to style, and it doesn’t take much effort to make it look phenomenal. Who can resist such a magical ‘do? And with bob box braids your style will be a sheer pleasure to wear.

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20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles
20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles images

2019 year
2019 year - 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles pictures

20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles advise
20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles forecasting photo

20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles foto
20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles pics

20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles new images
20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles new pictures

pics 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles
photo 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles

Watch 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles video
Watch 20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles video

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