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38 adorable 3d flower nail designs-ideas 2018

Date: 20.11.2018, 07:21 / View: 65432


Many people associate the image of the bride dress with a long lush, complex high hairdo, decorated with flowers and a veil. But time passes, everything changes, everything you can at least meet a girl on the street with long hair. Therefore, the challenge to keep up with the stylist and keep pace with the times. Lovely girl do not worry! There are many ways to make a wedding hairstyle for short hair.

First you can do all sorts of modern styling to your hair. It all depends on the length of the hair and shape hairstyle. To do this, do yourself a versatile haircut around 2 weeks before the wedding and try all sorts of ways styling. Choose the most successful variant. Then experiment with the decorations. Try a different pin the veil, attach the different hairpins to hair, bows, flowers, try on the rim.

Secondly — if on top of you not too short hair you can make the illusion of hair styles of long hair. In this case the hair wound on the first medium curlers or tongs. Stacked on top of beautiful hair, you can even draw some of the flower parts (petals). All short hair combed smoothly gel, if necessary fixed invisible. Behind the short hair, you can cover up the veil and her hair in the front you can decorate with pearls, artificial or fresh flowers. In any case this should be good to fix her hair with hairspray.

Third, you can use a variety of hairpieces (strands of artificial hair). Artificial hair color is adjusted for your own hair color or you repaint (optional) in a color close to your chignon.

Your hair backcomb you are very smooth and lie down with gel or wax. Hairpiece is attached to your hair and invisible elastic bands, depending on the shape and size chignon. Once you have it fastened, can make any wedding hairstyle of your choice. You can use the overhead scythe, ready to overhead beams curls. Also from the long tail can be complicated hairstyles with different elements: curls, braids, braiding, rollers, flagella, etc.

Do not be afraid to experiment and come up with right hairstyle. But on the wedding day you should be prepared, treated with a barber option. Otherwise, you can not expect a very pleasant surprises. And in extreme cases, you can take advantage of the capacity of hair salons. Although it’s cost is not cheap. But your dream is to have long hair, realized very quickly. So do not despair, you have many possibilities- Let your imagination work!



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