6 of the best winter scarves

There are two types of scarf. One that you wear tucked loosely under a jacket simply because you feel like adding some texture, some pattern, to an otherwise staid ensemble. And there’s the sort that stops your neck going numb.

The former you’ve probably shrugged on every time it looked a bit damp out. But now that your breath’s started to become visible, it’s time to upgrade to something more resilient. These scarves are more than mere flaps of fabric. They’re chunky beasts designed to go toe-to-toe with the winter and win. But you won't have to sacrifice your sartorial credentials every time you throw one on. It’s time to wrap up in style.

Alexander McQueen

Brain box

The Alexander McQueen skull is one of the most recognisable motifs in fashion while still being a darn sight subtler than plastering logos across your chest. This scarf is fashioned from heat-trapping wool – the natural fibres provide insulating air pockets – and long enough to double-wrap your neck on chilly mornings. It’s the most rock and roll way to stay warm.

Alexander McQueen oversized skull scarf, £140,

Johnstons of Elgin

Initial outlay

The Johnstons mill has occupied the same site in the Scottish town of Elgin since 1797, and is the UK’s last to still work from raw cashmere fibre to finished garment. Take advantage of their new embroidering service and get your better half’s initials sewn in for Christmas, if you’re feeling generous. Or get yours on one right now if you don’t want her to ‘borrow’ it.

Johnstons of Elgin cashmere stole, £299 (embroidery £5 per letter),



There are big scarves, and then there are the ‘mankets’ that Burberry debuted this year, which look like you could sling them over a stallion’s back and ride off searching for abducted daughters. You shouldn’t, because they cost almost a grand and you’d never get the horse stink out. Instead, you should toss them over your suit with an insouciant flick of the wrist and march out, unperturbed, into hailstorms. Which is a more likely scenario on these shores, anyhow.

Burberry geometric check blanket scarf, £995,

River Island

Budget rug

If you’re not the sort to drop the equivalent of three Arsenal season tickets on a picnic blanket – albeit a damnably stylish picnic blanket – then for 1/40th of the price you could get this similarly sized option from River Island’s hook-up with Baartmans and Siegel. Then spend the difference on a holiday somewhere hot and avoid the weather entirely.

River Island x Baartmans and Siegel geometric print scarf, £25,

Chinti and Parker

Green (and blue) sleeves

After establishing their label Chinti and Parker in luxury womenswear, cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood brought an equally adroit approach to their men’s collections; beautiful fabrics and simplistic designs, enlivened with flashes of colour. This scarf takes its cues from their striped sweaters, echoing the mismatched cuffs at each end. It’s hollow, too, in case you forget your gloves and fancy slipping your frozen fingers somewhere warm.

Chinti & Parker stripe cuff scarf, £155,


Let the dogs out

Etro’s suits often feature tough-to-pull-off patterns. A cerulean houndstooth double-breasted blazer, for example, takes some serious style swingers to execute. But that pattern on a scarf? It’s an injection of interest into something more muted. If you’re feeling ballsy pair with more jewel tones (purple or emerald, say) or use it to brighten up a grey cable-knit and tonal jacket.

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6 of the best winter scarves
6 of the best winter scarves images

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2019 year - 6 of the best winter scarves pictures

6 of the best winter scarves recommend
6 of the best winter scarves advise photo

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6 of the best winter scarves picture

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Watch 6 of the best winter scarves video
Watch 6 of the best winter scarves video

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