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Anime clothing designs

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In the , while the main characters will generally wear a single outfit for several seasons, they have changed outfits from time to time. At the start of a new , characters continuing on will change their main outfit entirely. This is a list of the different clothing and outfits worn by the main characters.

Main outfits

All of Ash's main outfits are highlighted by his . They often strongly feature the colors red and blue, along with black, white, green and golden yellow. These are primary and bold colors, accenting Ash's primary status in the series.

Original series

Ash's first outfit

One of the curious notes about Ash's first outfit is that, unlike , , , , , , , , , , , and , it is a unique outfit design in its own right, but is also directly inspired by 's. This fact is also echoed by the outfits of and , which were designed purely for the instead of using the outfits seen in the games themselves, and also the artwork for the games.

The upper outfit is a medium blue jacket with gold trim and white collar and sleeves, worn open over a dark cyan or teal t-shirt. Ash kept his , , and pinned to the inside of the jacket, which from time to time, would be taken off by him, most notably when his Pokémon need warmth. His lower outfit consists of jeans with light blue cuffs, black and white sneakers with red dots on both sides, and a brown belt, which he used to hang his .

Ash also wears green finger-less gloves with light green borders, and of course, . The only part of the outfit with a known story behind it is the hat, which he won from a contest from the . Ash would turn his hat backwards when he was concentrating heavily, such as when he would face a Trainer or capture a Pokémon. This was very much the case early in his journey in Kanto, though by the time his journey in Johto ended, he hardly ever turned his cap.

He has a green with a yellow square label and slings with black adjusters on it. The backpack has two pockets and two open compartments on each side. The main, bigger pocket is delimited by a black zip fastener, while the external pocket has an orange stripe on it.

Ash wore this outfit from to .

Advanced Generation series

Ash's second outfit

Ash's second outfit was the first alternate main outfit to be seen on any character, and by default, the least expected. Brock and Misty's second outfits would not debut until several episodes after Ash's did. This outfit was given to Ash as a gift by in .

Along with a new hat, Ash wore a hoodie instead of a jacket, black gloves instead of green, and new jeans and sneakers. In and , Ash can be seen wearing a T-shirt similar to the original series, but with an orange horizontal stripe. However, he keeps the hoodie closed, possibly because he no longer keeps Badges pinned to the inside. The backpack is green, with one pocket and a red Poké Ball design on it.

All of his new clothes, however, bear a notable resemblance to his old clothes, probably to maintain his style and avoid confusion which would be caused by a completely new appearance. This becomes a common theme among all new outfits: the new ones take on the style on the former outfits.

The symbol on his hat, backpack, and hoodie pocket reflect the symbols seen frequently in the games, particularly in the designs of the clothes. Ash's outfit is similar to the one wears in Generation III, most notably, his sleeves.

Ash wore this outfit from to . Ash has worn this outfit in more different series than any other, wearing it during three different series.

Diamond & Pearl series

Ash's third outfit

Based on the example set by the , most fans were expecting Ash to wear a new outfit at the start of the .

His third outfit takes a step back to his first outfit by wearing a jacket instead of a hoodie, and with colors closer to the original. It also has a white undershirt instead of black for a change, as well as a new hat, new jeans, and new sneakers. The gloves are the same as those from his second outfit. The backpack is similar to the one he wore in AG, being green with two pockets, and having a white Poké Ball design with a red "button". It should be noted that this new outfit possessed some similarities to that of , the male player character from . The primary differences are the hat designs, sneakers, backpack color, and the fact that Ash wears open fingered gloves, but no scarf. It also bears traits of 's outfit, mainly the white collar, though there is the fact he is now wearing a closed jacket, another similarity with Red's.

One of the most common complaints among fans about the outfit is the yellow stripe across Ash's chest. This is, considering its curve, apparently based on the lower half of the symbol which was seen on Ash's pocket in his second outfit. However, given how long it is now, it is more difficult to tell.

Ash wore this outfit from to .

Best Wishes series

Ash's fourth outfit

As expected, Ash has received a new outfit for the . Outfit changes are now accepted as routine if and when the anime changes sagas.

As with his previous outfit, this one displayed some similarities to the outfit worn by from , with the main differences being the clothing shades, it having a yellow zipper, the coat being nearly all zipped up instead of being partially open nearing the bottom, it lacking a satchel and the hat, which resembles the one from the original series. Ash's new clothing closely follows the same color scheme he has always had: red, blue, yellow, green, black, and white. In this series Ash's sneakers are high tops, rather than the normal sneakers he wore during the other series. Instead of blue jeans, Ash starts to wear black baggy jeans and wears a hooded jacket just like in AG, colored mostly blue and white along with a yellow zipper. He wears black finger-less gloves but the border is red. The backpack is blue-green, with one pocket, black straps, and a light green, curved stripe on it, resembling a Poké Ball design.

Ash wore this outfit from to .

XY series

Ash's fifth outfit

Ash's outfit possessed some similarities to the outfit worn by from the games, with some differences. Ash uses a backpack instead of a satchel, like his Best Wishes outfit. The jacket that Calem wears has been shortened into a collared shirt for Ash, and a black undershirt is visible, both worn very much in the same style as 's Generation III outfit. Ash wears red high top sneakers, similar to those worn in the Best Wishes series, and darker blue jeans. The backpack is one pocket, colored green with a white, slanted Poké Ball design on it, similar to previous generations. The gloves are the same as those from his fourth outfit.

Ash's hat continues to sport the rounded Poké Ball design seen in previous generations, and most notably seems to be directly based on Red's Generation III hat; albeit modified to somewhat resemble characteristics of Calem's hat as well. In general, the outfit heavily borrows characteristics from Red and Calem.

Ash wore this outfit from to . This is the second outfit that Ash has worn in more than one series, namely two.

Sun & Moon series

Ash's sixth outfit

This outfit is almost identical to the outfit worn by in , with the coloring of the shirt being inverted and the hat being recolored from black to red, in keeping with the usual color scheme of Ash's head wear. This outfit deviates from Ash's previous styles in many ways; Ash no longer wears jeans, instead wearing ribbed capri shorts with a red border, he now wears only a t-shirt with no jacket or hoodie over the top, and he no longer wears gloves and socks. His shoes are blue and are modeled after those worn by people to stand in water. His backpack, shorts, and shoes are all identical to Sun's. He also wears a on his left wrist.

Ash started wearing this outfit in .

I Choose You!

This outfit from , which retells parts of Ash's journey during the earliest episodes of the original series, is nearly identical to his original outfit, with certain parts of its design slightly altered. His hat now bears a logo similar to the one he has on his hat, except it is colored green and a part of the upper section is missing, which gives it a similar appearance to the old logo.

His jacket was also given a few changes. It is a different shade of blue, it now has pockets that are horizontal rather than diagonal, the white collar is slightly smaller, the gold trim on the bottom is now just a small stripe, and there is now just a single top button instead of the original two. His shirt is black instead of dark cyan or teal and it isn't tucked into his belt, making the belt not visible. Ash's blue jeans now have cuffs that resemble bracelets. His black and white sneakers are less detailed and lack the red dots. The hat's original logo now appears on his backpack, which looks similar to the one he wore in Kalos.

The Power of Us

Ash's outfit in The Power of Us

In , which is set in the same continuity as , Ash has another new outfit, this time unlike anything seen in the main series. Besides continuing to wear the same hat that he wore in the previous movie, this outfit consists of a light-blue and white jacket with a large red collar, which in turn has a single yellow line across the center, and a similarly-colored trim at the bottom of said jacket. His jacket is kept open to reveal a black shirt, looser-fitting than that of his previous outfit. The bottom half has him sporting grey capri shorts with a thin white line coming down both sides, and blue sneakers with orange laces. His usual fingerless gloves are black with a blue line across the cuff.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

  • Ash wore a to a summer festival in .
  • Ash and Brock don party outfits in . Ash wears a bright orange with a frilled shirt and orange .
  • Ash fantasizes about wearing a blue tuxedo for a movie premier in .
  • Ash wore a black suit and tie as part of Brock's fantasy in .
  • In , the characters dress up in formal medieval-themed outfits. Ash wore an outfit based directly on that of : a blue over a gray long-sleeved shirt and gray pants, matched with blue gloves and boots and a black hat with a teal band and a hooded .
  • In the , Ash wore a fedora hat and a tuxedo.

Weather clothes

  • In the , Ash's most common swimwear is a pair of teal trunks with yellow stripes running down the sides.
  • Ash wore blue trunks with palm trees and coconuts in .
  • In , Ash wears a pair of light blue swim trunks with white stripes.
  • Ash changed to a different swimsuit along with his main clothing in the , in which he wore orange trunks with a green and yellow double stripe going down the left side. The same pattern was on the right as well, but appeared only on the waistband and was much smaller. This swimsuit actually appeared once before, in , but it didn't appear frequently until Ash's adventures in Hoenn.
  • In the , Ash wears red trunks with light blue lines at the bottom and dark blue upside-down v-patterns on the sides. Like his Advanced Generation swimsuit, Ash had worn this one before in , but it didn't make frequent appearances until his adventures in Sinnoh.
  • Ash wore trunks that were two shades of blue (dark on top and lighter on the bottom) with white stripes down the sides in .
  • He also wore red trunks with large white Poké Ball prints on the sides in .
  • In the , Ash wears purple trunks with red lines near the legs and yellow lines on the side.
  • Another pair of trunks appears in the fourth ending of the , . The swim trunks are red, with a dark blue stripe at both sides of the trunks. In the anime itself, Ash wore it for the first time in .
  • During Peace Smile!, the second ending of the , Ash wears blue swim trunks with an orange waistband.
Ash's jacket
Snow wear
  • Ash wore a red jacket and olive pants in and .
  • Ash wore a jacket similar to 's Platinum jacket from to . He was also seen wearing it during the credits of .
  • In the freezer room in , Ash, along with Clemont, Serena, Alexa, and Bonnie, he wore an orange snowsuit.
  • In , Ash wore a blue snow jacket with mittens, an orange scarf, and red boots.
  • Between and , Ash is sometimes seen wearing a blue coat with a light-blue cross shape across the front and blue boots with a light blue line along the top of them.
  • In , Ash wore red gloves, a blue jacket with a yellow stripe down the middle and a smaller and thinner stripe on the left side of his chest, with darker blue pants, and blue boots that are lighter than his boots and darker than his jacket with the yellow stripe around the top the boots.

Other clothes

  • In , when he went to , Ash wore green and yellow pajamas. He also wore it at the beginning of , when used a vacuum in front of his face.
    • He also wears extremely similar pajamas near the end of ; however, these ones are a much lighter shade of green and have a green button instead of a yellow one.
    • In the and the , Ash is seen wearing a white or light-blue undershirt and blue or dark-cyan shorts with white lines at the bottom as pajamas. In the , Ash dropped this in favor of a white and red sleeveless undershirt and blue shorts. He wears similar-looking pajamas in .
    • In , Ash wears a muted green T-shirt and brown shorts as pajamas.
    • In , Ash wears a white T-shirt with the print design of the same rainbow Poké Ball design from 's hat and cream-colored shorts as pajamas.
    • In , Ash wears a green T-shirt, which features a print design of this game sprite stock menu/overworld sprite of a plant-like Pokémon from the Generation I games, and a white T-shirt with a Pikachu head without any facial features (except the cheeks), which is similar to the logo, to wear to Sophocles' farewell party. He wore it again as pajamas in .
    • In , , and , Ash wore a light-brown T-shirt with a print design of 's face on it, along with beige shorts as pajamas.
    • In , Ash wore a white T-shirt as pajamas, with a print design of an exclamation mark on it, in the shape of a Pikachu's tail.
    • In , Ash wore a light-blue T-shirt with a print design of a 's face on it and beige shorts as pajamas.
    • In , Ash wore a white shirt with a picture on it and a pair of beige shorts.
    • In , Ash wore a light-purple T-shirt with a print picture of a red ping-pong racket and a ping-pong ball on the front and beige shorts as pajamas.
    • In , Ash wore a white T-shirt and beige shorts as pajamas.
  • Under all his outfits, Ash wears white boxer shorts, blue boxer shorts with dark-blue stripes, light-purple boxer shorts with thin vertical purple stripes, light-purple and purple-striped boxer shorts, or blue boxer shorts. He is seen wearing white boxer shorts in ; blue boxer shorts with dark-blue stripes in , light-purple boxer shorts with thin vertical purple stripes in and , light-purple and purple striped boxer shorts in ; and blue boxer shorts in and .
    • A running gag in the dubs of the and the showed Ash's reminding him to change his underwear everyday, much to his embarrassment.
  • Ash wore a cow suit in .
  • In , Ash wore an Arabian snake charmer outfit to perform a Pokémon magic show.
  • Ash also had an orange and white dress with red Mary-Janes that he had to wear to get into . The outfit was worn with a blonde wig with a large pink bow in it. When wearing this outfit, he went by the name "". The wig was destroyed when Pikachu electrocuted him, but it is unknown what happened to the dress and shoes afterwards. It is possible he still has them. This is the first of four times that he crossdressed (albeit unwillingly).
  • In , Ash fantasizes about wearing a , and a uniform.
  • Ash wore a tennis outfit in consisting of a white collared shirt and blue shorts.
  • Ash wore army attire in and .
  • Ash wore a Team Rocket uniform in .
  • Ash briefly imagined himself wearing Gligarman's costume in .
  • Ash wore a blue wetsuit and scuba gear in to help retrieve a .
  • Ash also wore a medieval themed outfit for 's radio show in consisting of a long blue tunic with light gray tights. He also wore a green cap similar to the signature one of , as well as a sword in a scabbard across his back.
  • Ash also wore blue-and-black-colored ninja clothing in . Interestingly, he did not wear a white headband like most of the other characters, presumably because of his hat.
  • In , Ash wore a Seviper costume.
  • Ash and wore Hawaiian-styled clothing in .
  • In , a flashback of Ash when he was younger shows him wearing a yellow shirt with a red stripe and blue shorts.
  • In , Ash wears a knight costume for 's film.
  • In , Ash wore a pink tuxedo in the Pokémon Musical.
  • In , Ash wore a blue jumpsuit at the Rhyhorn race.
  • During the in , Ash wore a costume based on a .
  • In , a flashback of Mimey winning a trip to the region via lottery shows Ash wearing a green T-shirt with a print design of this game sprite stock overworld/menu sprite of a Water-type-like Pokémon (and also when the player used Surf) from the Generation I games and blue shorts. He wore these clothes again in .
  • In , Ash wore a black T-shirt with a print design of 's face on it.
  • During the extra scene in , Ash is seen wearing a green T-shirt with a print design of this game sprite stock menu/overworld Rhydon sprite from the Generation I games on it and blue shorts.
  • In and SM079 Ash wore a baseball uniform when he played Pokémon Base with his classmates.
  • In , and in the second ending of the Sun & Moon series, , Ash wore an orange T-shirt with a print design of a green palm tree next to the top half of a sun and beige shorts similar to that of the ones he wore with his Rowlet T-shirt.
  • In , Ash wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears. At first, he wore the female uniform, but later, he changed to a male uniform.

Ash's Pokémon

The following are images of wearing clothing and accessories:

Main outfits

All of Misty's main outfits feature the colors yellow, red, and blue.

Original series and Sun & Moon series

Misty's first outfit, and her best known, is a yellow crop top and jean shorts held up with red suspenders. Most of her midriff is revealed here. She wore red, yellow and white sneakers with it, and also carried a red drawstring backpack with it.

This outfit also debuted her hairstyle, which is typically the way she always wears it, regardless of her outfit: a small side ponytail. She will occasionally take it down, but usually only if she is sleeping, bathing, or wearing a formal outfit of some sort. With her mermaid outfit, she wears it down with pearl ornaments.

Misty wore this outfit from to (and continuing into the first three of four Pokémon Chronicles episodes she was in).

She was shown wearing this outfit again during her return in and .

Advanced Generation series

Misty's second outfit is a yellow sleeveless top or vest with a large blue button on the front and matching shorts, worn over some sort of dark-red under-all (swimsuit or leotard, etc.). She wears it with short pale and burnt orange ankle boots. The few times she carries a backpack with it, it is a small backpack designed to look like a .

Misty started wearing this outfit in , but with a red drawstring bag. She is also seen wearing this outfit in , but with a pink purse.

Pokémon Chronicles series

In the early episodes of Pokémon Chronicles involving Misty (, , ), she wears her outfit. However, in (which was broadcast after the debut of her AG ensemble), she wears a new "casual" outfit: a sleeveless yellow top with a hood, slightly longer and looser blue shorts, a small white belt with a pink buckle, and reddish-brown penny loafer shoes worn with white socks.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

Misty in her pink yukata

Weather clothes

Snow wear

Misty wore a red jacket and olive pants in .

  • Misty's most common swimwear is a red bikini, seen worn in , , , , and .
  • Misty fantasizes about sunbathing in a pink bikini in .
  • Misty wears a yellow bikini with a skirt and a red star on the top in .
  • Misty wears a red one-piece bathing suit with white flowers in .
  • Misty wears a green and white striped bikini in .
  • Misty wore a dark blue, two-piece bikini underneath her normal clothes that resembles the one her video game counterpart wore in the games in .

Other clothes

  • Misty wore a pink blouse and a long, brown skirt in her fantasy of France in .
  • Misty wore a red shirt underneath a pink jacket with green and yellow stripes, that had the image of an , and blue sunglasses around her neck, as part of 's makeover in .
  • Misty donned a Team Rocket outfit in the second half of .
  • Misty wore a outfit while helping out at the clinic in .
  • Misty wore a blue jacket with a black and red cap as a disguise in .
  • Misty wears a mermaid outfit when performing at the Cerulean Gym. It was first seen in . The outfit consists of a shell-pattern bikini top, a light blue mermaid fin, and a pearl ornament.
  • Misty wore a pink and blue wetsuit and scuba gear in to help retrieve a .
  • Misty sometimes wears a blue shirt with black sweatpants. She wore it in and in part of .
  • Misty wore a yellow shirt with sleeves as pajamas in .
  • After the weather conditions turned poor in , Misty wore a pink jacket that had a horizontal light blue stripe across the chest.
  • Misty wore an army attire in .
  • Misty wore a red and pink dress with long red tights in . One of the sleeves jutted out, which she used as a perch for to sit on.
  • A flashback in showed Misty as a baby, wearing a sky-blue shirt and yellow diaper.
  • Misty as a baby

  • Misty and Ash dancing in their yukatas

  • Misty's makeover

  • Misty wearing a pink kimono and crown

  • Misty's fantasy outfit

  • Misty and Brock in sports wear

  • Misty in a red bikini

  • Misty's St. Anne Fantasy

  • Misty in a yellow bikini

  • Misty in a green bikini

  • Misty's Goldeen outfit

  • Misty's Mermaid outfit

  • Misty's French fantasy

  • Misty's red Chinese-style dress

Main outfits

Brock's main outfits contain different shades of the earthy colors green, brown and orange.

Brock's Advanced Generation series outfit Brock's Diamond and Pearl series outfit

Original series

One of the most distinct features of Brock's first outfit was his green vest, which had four large pockets on the front. He wore this over an orange short-sleeved shirt, along with brown pants and blue and white sneakers. On either side of his belt, which was black with a gold rectangular buckle, he had attached brown belt pockets. With it, he carried a large, blue backpack with a bedroll seen strapped to it at the top.

It is assumed he keeps many supplies in his many pockets, just as he tends to fill his bag with more supplies than it should be realistically able to hold. However, he has never been seen reaching into these pockets, so their contents remain unknown. The numerous pockets in this outfit were seen in all of his outfits.

Brock wore this outfit from to .

Advanced Generation series

In the , Brock wore a brown jacket with an orange collar. Under it, he wore a green undershirt, but he no longer wears a belt. His clothing slightly mirrors that of his game counterpart in Generation III. His shoes are a dark blue, and his new backpack is blue, but has no bedroll.

Brock wore this outfit from to . In the main series, it was first seen in Brock's comeback episode .

Diamond & Pearl series

Brock's outfit is one step closer to his original series outfit. He wears a vest again, but the colors are reversed. Instead of a green vest and an orange shirt, he wears an orange vest (which also consists of gray) and a green shirt. His new shoes and backpack are still blue, and his backpack does not have a bedroll.

Brock started wearing this outfit prior in , and was last seen wearing it in .

Sun & Moon series

Brock's outfit looks almost identical to his original outfit. The only difference is his vest, which has now just two pockets instead of the original four.

Brock was seen wearing this outfit during his return in and .

Side outfits

Formal clothes

Brock's Sun & Moon outfit
  • Ash and Brock don party outfits in . Brock wears a white outfit with large pink frills on the sleeves and pant cuffs. He holds a pair of with it.
  • Brock fantasizes about wearing a blue for a movie premier in .
  • One of Brock's best known outfits is his "" outfit. This was possibly inspired by his outfit in . It is similar in many ways, particularly the pink frills. However, this outfit is purple and red instead of white. Also, he wears a large with it, and his now look like . He wore a similar outfit in
  • Brock wears a white tuxedo in . He is seen in it again in 's wedding fantasy in with a rose tucked in the breast pocket.
  • Misty and Brock both wore special outfits for the . Brock's outfit is a lime green tuxedo with an oversized sparkling pink .
  • Brock wears a purple in fantasies in and . For some reason, these fantasies also always involve Brock's woman of choice in a red dress with a white hair accessory, and drinking milk from a wine glass. However, the suit itself is variable; in the first episode, he wears it with a , and in the second, with a bow tie.
  • In , the characters dress up in formal medieval-themed outfits. Brock wears a beige robe similar to that of a priest covered by some sort of or in brown, green, orange, and trimmed with gold, all topped with an orange .

Weather clothes

Brock's jacket
  • Brock's first swimwear was a pair of light purple swim trunks with three dark blue diamonds on the sides. From the onwards, these trunks were colored dark purple, due to the different palette used in the digitally colored episodes beginning with .
  • In , Brock wore a pair of olive green trunks with an orange stripe down the side. These trunks would later become Brock's main swimwear in the . Brock also wore his new trunks in the hotspring scene in , but this is only known from the artwork, as in the scene itself, nothing below Brock's neck was seen above water.
  • Like Ash and Dawn, Brock wore a different swimsuit than his normal one in - in Brock's case, a pair of dark green trunks with white lines on them. Like Ash's and Dawn's new swimwear, Brock's new trunks are quite unique, as he only wore them in that movie.
Snow wear

Other clothes

  • One of Brock's best known accessories is his pink frilly . He frequently wears it while cooking or doing other chores.
  • He also wears an alternate apron, known as the "movie apron" since it is only seen in the . This apron is bright blue with neon green straps.
  • In , Brock fantasizes about wearing armor and a suit.
  • He wore a long, blue, medieval-themed robe for 's radio show in .
  • He wore army attire in when they had a plan to rescue Pikachu and others.
  • He wore a stylish outfit with a matching cap in .
  • In , , and , Brock is seen wearing a gray tank top and shorts as sleepwear.
  • Brock in army attire

  • Brock's fantasy outfit

  • Brock in a ninja outfit

  • Brock at 's shop

  • Brock and Ash in their dance costumes

  • Brock in an apron

  • Brock in his Takeshi's Paradise outfit

  • Ash and his friends in a "prince" story from

  • Brock wearing a tuxedo

  • Brock wearing a raincoat

Main outfit

Tracey's main outfit

Tracey has only had one main outfit throughout the entire series. It consists of a loose green , reddish-brown shorts, blue and yellow sneakers, an orange backpack, and his most notable accessory, a salmon-colored headband that he uses to keep his hair out of his face. Tracey is the only main character from the original series whose outfit was not changed at the start of any of the newer series.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

Weather clothes

  • His first swimsuit was a pair of navy-blue swim trunks with two red lines on either side, as seen in .
  • The second was seen in . It is still a pair of navy blue swim trunks but with a sunflower print. He also removed his headband while in this outfit.
  • The third was seen in . It is another pair of blue swim trunks but with an orange stripe painted on the legs.

Other clothes

In , fantasized Tracey playing the prince in her water ballet alongside Misty. This outfit consisted of a blue shirt with long sleeves and gold trimming, teal pants, a red cape, and a silver crown. This would be the second time he is seen without his headband.

  • Tracey's first swimsuit

  • Tracey in flower-patterned trunks

  • Tracey's prince outfit

Main outfit

Advanced Generation series

May's main outfit is a red t-shirt with a dark blue circle around her neck, dark blue bike shorts, white skirt, a pair of black socks, red and yellow sneakers, a red bandanna with a white Poké Ball print, a yellow waist-pack, and dark-blue and white gloves. It is based on the outfit her wears in .

Diamond & Pearl series

Much like Ash and Brock changed clothes at the start of both the Advanced Generation and Diamond & Pearl series, and Misty did before her return in , May changed clothes sometime between her departure in and her return in Her outfit in the is based on the outfit that her wears in . It consists of a green bandanna, a sleeveless and short orange tunic with a black collar, black bike shorts, black socks, and red and white sneakers. She also carries a green waist-pack similar to the one she carried in the . When she got off the boat, she was seen with a yellow backpack. It is unknown if she normally carries this or only had it because she was traveling a long distance (to Sinnoh from Johto).

May wore this outfit as of her , and presumably currently wears it.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

May's dress in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  • In , the characters dress up in formal medieval-themed outfits. May wears a white, pink and red decorated with tiny bows and with a Beautifly design similar to wings on the back. She wears her hair in two different ways in this outfit, with different accessories for each: in one way, she wears a large red bow styled to look like her regular , and another, she has little pink pom-poms in her hair.
May at the Wallace Cup
  • During the , May wore a new dress for the Contest, which was unique because it had an Arabian style to it. It was a pink top with a yellow heart on it with yellow border on the sleeves and neck. She also wore a peach-pink veil with a green gem on top, and a light purple long skirt with a piece of pink fabric at the waist. Her entire midriff is exposed here. She also wears brown sandals and a yellow necklace with a red heart.

Weather clothes

Snow wear
  • May wore a red jacket and olive pants in .
  • On a flashback at the in , May wore a magenta pink winter dress with white fur, a green collar, a lime-green belt, beige mittens, and pink snow boots.

Other clothes

  • May was seen sleeping in a plain yellow t-shirt in the beginning of .
  • May wore a maiden outfit and a Nurse Joy outfit in .
  • May was seen briefly wearing a white t-shirt in and . However, it is unknown what the rest of her pajamas look like, since nothing below her chest was seen underneath the blankets.
  • May wore sleeveless pink colored ninja clothing in . Like Ash, she did not wear a white headband like the majority of the other characters.
  • In , May wore orange pajamas.

  • Ash and May's ninja dress

  • May in yellow bikini

  • May in pink one-piece swimsuit

  • Green swimsuit

  • May's pink bikini

  • May's second pink bikini in the ninth movie

Main outfit

Max's main outfit

Max's main outfit is a green t-shirt, green and black sneakers, black glasses and brown shorts. He carries a yellow backpack with his belongings. Max is the only main character from the whose outfit was not changed whenever he reappeared in flashbacks.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

  • In , the characters dress up in formal medieval-themed outfits. Max's outfit appears to be one of a young prince with a and a .

Weather clothes


Snow wear

Other clothes

  • Max was seen sleeping in a plain white t-shirt in the beginning of
  • He was briefly seen wearing a white tank top in .
  • He was also briefly seen wearing light yellow pajamas in .
  • Max wore blue-and-black-colored ninja clothing and a white headband in
  • Max at hot springs in green trunks

  • Max swimming in green swim briefs

  • Max and May in their medieval-themed outfits

Dawn's main outfit

Main outfit

Dawn's outfit consists of a black V-neck tanktop with a white undershirt and a pink skirt. On her head, she wears a white beanie with a pink print on it. She also wears gold hair clips that hold up her hair in front and a black bracelet on her right wrist. On her feet, she wears pink knee-high boots with black socks underneath. She also has a small yellow backpack with all her personal belongings. It is nearly identical to her with the exception of her scarf and bag.

Unlike the female companions proceeding her, whom both changed outfits upon returning in later series, Dawn continued to wear this outfit even throughout her return in the Best Wishes series, and presumably continues to wear it to this day.

Side outfits

Formal clothes

Formal clothes are a key part of Dawn's wardrobe, since she dresses up nicely for all her .

  • In her , she was shown to be wearing three different formal outfits when imagining herself in Contests with each of the Sinnoh starters. In her Chimchar fantasy, she was seen wearing a red dress; in the Turtwig fantasy, she was wearing a lavender suit with a top hat; and in the Piplup fantasy, she was wearing a light green dress.
  • She frequently wears a pink dress during her Contests. In the Contest, she decorated her dress with flowers, presumably to fit the town's flowery theme. In the Contest, she added a yellow Ribbon around her waist and her hair barrettes were star-shaped. The yellow Ribbon was also seen in the . In the first round of the Contest, she decorated her dress with fluffy fur, similar to 's. In the Contest, she again wore her yellow Ribbon with long white gloves. In the Contest, she wears short white gloves, with one red Ribbon in each one, and her shoes have one yellow rose in each. Opening and ending themes show her in different dresses, but she has never worn them in Contests.
  • In , Dawn wore a pink outfit for the Contest.
  • In the , she wore a plain light powder-blue dress with a yellow Ribbon at the back. It also came along with a blue, beaded necklace and white shoes.
  • In , Dawn wore 's light pink dress with long white gloves, when they swapped places.
  • In the , she wore a new yellow dress with long white gloves and white shoes.
  • Chimchar fantasy

  • Piplup fantasy

  • Turtwig fantasy

  • In the Jubilife Contest

  • In the Floaroma Contest

  • In the Hearthome Contest

  • In both the Celestic and Chocovine Contests

  • In the Lilypad Contest

  • In the Daybreak Contest

  • In the Grand Festival

  • In the Alamos Contest

  • Dawn in the Hearthome Collection

  • Dawn as Princess Salvia

Weather clothes

  • Dawn's most common swimwear is a yellow and orange bikini, which she wore in , , and
  • She wore a pink one-piece swimsuit with a short skirt around the waist in , along with some kind of white undershirt with horizontal black stripes on it.
  • In the ending , Dawn wore a light pink one-piece swimsuit with two white stripes at the bottom.
  • Dawn wears a different swimsuit in the . This two-piece swimsuit consists of a light green top with vertical dark green stripes and a light green piece of cloth wrapped around her waist. Dawn wore this swimsuit for the first time in .
Snow wear
  • Dawn wore an outfit nearly identical to her in Platinum from to , as well as part of the credits of . The only difference is she maintains her gold barrettes rather than wearing pink ones, however, while inside a building, she wears her normal clothing, but with the winter boots and socks.
  • The website portrays Dawn with her white undershirt having sleeves that reach past her elbows, and black stockings or tights covering her legs.
  • Dawn donned a pink cheerleading outfit in , , and . Her Pokémon have similar outfits. The purpose of the outfit was to support in his Gym battles with Roark, Maylene, and Volkner.
  • Dawn wore a light-blue apron in .
  • Before leaving her home to start her journey, she was shown to have many clothes in the bag her mother asked her to leave behind.
  • Dawn wore a French maid's outfit to help out at the in .
  • Dawn wore a yellow apron in .
  • In , she wore a costume in her dream.
  • At one point in the ending credits of , Dawn is shown in a number of different outfits.
  • Whenever she is sleeping, Dawn wears pink pajamas, first seen in .
  • Dawn wears a long pink nightgown at the start of . It is also seen in the ending .
  • In , Dawn wore a blue, knee-length, formal dress and a white floppy hat. Also, she wore a bright yellow dress that is past her knees.
  • Dawn's bikini

  • A closer view of Dawn's bikini

  • Dawn in a cheerleader outfit

  • Helping out at the

  • Dawn in her Piplup costume

  • Dawn's nightgown

  • and Dawn in their kindergarten outfits

  • In the Pokémon Learning League

  • Dawn's dress in a Dominos Christmas commercial

  • Dawn wearing a raincoat

Dawn's Pokémon

The following are images of wearing clothing and accessories:

Iris's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Iris' usual outfit is exactly the same as 's outfit. It consists of a cream top that has long loose sleeves with pink cuffs and a pink collar, a pink skirt with a large pink ribbon on the side, the pink ribbon is tied around her waist just like a normal cardigan would be also there is white and yellow leggings going over her knees, a pink backpack, pink and white shoes with yellow stripes and a yellow hair ribbon.

Side outfits


  • Iris wore a white swimsuit in . However, it is unknown if it is one- or two-piece, since nothing below her chest was seen above water.
  • Iris wears another swimsuit in the fourth ending of the , . It is a light pink one-piece bathing suit, with a dark pink ribbon at the chest. In the anime itself, Iris wore it for the first time in .


  • When sleeping, Iris wears a light pink shirt and pink shorts.
  • During the flashback of a younger Iris in , Iris was seen wearing a cream top with pink trim, plain white leggings and pink sandals.
  • In , Iris wore a Dragon Master costume, as well as a princess dress during 's film.
  • Iris wore a pink top with a black skirt and pink hat in promotional artwork for , however, she never wore it in the actual episode.
  • In and , Iris wore a shrine maiden's robes to summon to stop and .
  • Iris and Axew dressed up as Professor Juniper and Darumaka in the costume contest portion of the Wishing Bell Festival in .
  • Iris wore full winter clothing in .
  • In , in Luke's second film, Iris played the part of an island princess along with and Axew, and thus dressed up for the part.

Cilan's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Cilan's usual outfit is identical to 's, consisting of a white shirt, a black and gray vest with gold buttons, a green bow tie, black pants held up with a brown belt, and brown shoes. However, unlike his game counterpart, he does not always wear his apron, instead putting it on occasionally when cooking. He also includes a brown backpack to store his belongings.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • Cilan is shown in his pajamas in numerous episodes which appear to be gray pants and a long-sleeved, light green top.
  • Cilan wore a brown detective cap in when investigating the missing .
  • In , Cilan wears a pirate costume for 's film, as well as an orange masquerade mask and cape.
  • In addition to his brown cap from before, Cilan wore a white trench coat in .
  • Cilan wore a white tuxedo in promotional artwork for , however, he never wore it in the actual episode.
  • In Cilan wore a pink dress with red bows and a blond wig.


  • Cilan wears swim trunks in the fourth ending of the , . The swim trunks are dark yellow, with a light green stripe and a dark green stripe at each side.
  • Ash and Cilan in their pajamas

  • Cilan in his pajamas

  • Cilan with his apron on

  • Cilan's swim trunks

  • Cilan as a detective

  • Cilan as a pirate

  • Cilan in his mask and cape

  • Cilan as an interrogator

  • Cilan as a "Metro Connoisseur" 

  • Cilan without his vest

  • Cilan in promotional artwork for the

Main outfit

Serena is the first of Ash's travelling companions to permanently change her main outfit in the middle of a series.

  • Serena began wearing her current outfit in . It consists of a light pink dress over a grayish-black tank-top with a white collar. The dress is tied at the collar with a blue ribbon that Ash gave her in . Over her dress, she wears a long red vest with large pockets. She also wears black stockings and brown boots. On her head, she wears a pink-red fedora with a black hatband, and carries a pink backpack with a black Poké Ball design to store her belongings. Serena can be seen without her red vest in while in the spring.
  • Serena's first outfit was worn from to . It consisted of a grayish-black tank-top with a white collar, a red skirt, a dark pink hat with a black bow and hatband, black stockings, and black shoes, with a pink backpack to carry her goods. The tank-top is likely the same one she dons for her current outfit. This first outfit was nearly identical to her with the exception of her hat, collar, bag, and the lack of sunglasses.

Side outfits

Formal outfits

  • In , Serena dressed formally for her first Showcase. She wore this outfit as well in for the . She wore a white and pink dress with a red ribbon on the chest area, a black and red mini-skirt, longer stockings, pink bracelets on either wrists, and a part of her hair is tied by a pink ribbon. She wears this outfit for the rest of her Showcases.
  • In , Serena wore a furisode based on a Florges at Valerie's fashion show. She later wore it at the in , modified after it was torn.
  • In , Serena wore a red Academic dress with orange linings and a hat.
  • In , Serena wore a strapless red dress with a darker red waist band and dark red and orange frills.
  • In , Serena wore an outfit that looks similar to a breeder's outfit for the Theme Performance.


Snow wear

  • In the freezer room in , Serena, along with Ash, Clemont, Alexa, and Bonnie, she wore an orange snowsuit.
  • In , Serena wore a hot-pink snow jacket, grey snow pants, a pale-pink snow hat, pale-pink snow mittens, a dark orange neck scarf, and hot-pink snow boots.
  • In between and , Serena is sometimes seen wearing a pink winter coat, with the same colored leg warmers above her usual boots and golden-brown mittens.
  • Serena's original main outfit

  • Serena without her red vest

  • Serena's Rhyhorn racing suit

  • Serena's Rhyhorn racing suit with a red hat

  • Serena as a child in a Rhyhorn racing suit

  • Serena's bikini in the

  • Serena's training suit

  • Serena's Sky Trainer outfit

  • Serena in her first Showcase

  • Serena in her Red Flower furisode

  • Serena's modified Red Flower furisode

  • Serena's marching band outfit

  • Serena in a breeder-like outfit

  • Serena in an Academic dress

  • Serena's snow wear

  • Serena's second snow wear

  • Serena's third snow wear

  • Serena in a gown for her first

  • Serena in a ball gown

  • Serena in Ash's clothes

Other outfits

  • In , Serena wore pink pajamas based on the ones her game counterpart wears at the beginning of .
  • In , and , Serena wore a pink jumpsuit while practicing for the Rhyhorn race and wore the same outfit while riding a Skiddo albeit with a red hat.
  • In a giveaway quiz featured in for and DVDs, and the Get Pokémon TV set, Serena wore a Santa outfit.
  • In Serena as a child wore a pink racing suit with pink boots and her hair tied with red ribbons in pigtails.
  • As shown in , Serena as a child wore a straw hat with a pink bow tied around it and a pink dress with pink Mary Jane flats.
  • When Serena sleeps, she wore a lavender sweater and dark-pink shorts as pajamas. She also wears it as inside clothing in , and
  • When Serena is baking, she wore a pink apron.
  • In , for filming her PokéVision video, she dressed up in a , consisting of a pink bow, a short top, a pair of wristbands and skirt with Fennekin ears, tail and boots.
  • In , she also wore a full-sized medium pink gown with light pink ruffles.
  • When cleaning up in , she wore an ivory bathrobe.
  • During a training session in , Serena wore a training suit. It consists of a pink shirt and her tracksuit which she wears for Rhyhorn races. The tracksuit is open, with the top half wrapped around her middle. She also wears a whistle around her neck.
  • In , Serena wore a pink dress with a pink ribbon.
  • In the second and third variant of the opening and the Limited Pokémon Edition cover art of the , Serena wore a marching band outfit with her Pokémon.
  • During the in , Serena wore a costume based on Red Flower .
  • In , she, along with Bonnie, dressed up as to help her with the Pokémon while the power within the Pokémon Center is out.
  • In , while on a boat, Serena wears a dark red hoodie and sweat pants. Serena has worn several outfits in along with Bonnie and Diancie while at a shopping mall.
  • In the ending, Serena and her Pokémon wore three different outfits.
  • In , Serena posed as Ash by wearing his clothing.
  • Serena's first DreamDream outfit

  • Serena's second DreamDream outfit

  • Serena's third DreamDream outfit

  • Young Serena and Ash

  • Serena in her pajamas

  • Serena in her hoodie and an apron

  • Serena in her hoodie

  • Serena in a Nurse Joy outfit

  • Serena cosplaying as Fennekin

  • Serena in her Red Flower Florges costume

  • Serena in a dessert dress

  • Serena in a royal blue and white dress

  • Serena in a red and black dress

  • Serena in a fancy white and crimson dress

  • Serena wearing an outfit with make-up

  • Serena wearing a musical themed brown dress

  • Serena in casual clothing

  • Serena in a puffy periwinkle knee-length dress with blue roses

  • Serena in a racing outfit

  • Serena's Santa outfit in a giveaway quiz

Serena's Pokémon

wear clothing and accessories to compete in :

  • Fennekin's stage outfit

  • Braixen's regular stage outfit

  • Braixen's stage outfit in the Dendemille Showcase

  • Pancham's stage outfit

  • Eevee's stage outfit

  • Sylveon's stage outfit

  • Braixen and Pancham's marching outfit in the 2nd opening for the XY series

Clemont's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Clemont's main outfit is identical to his , consisting of a blue and yellow jumpsuit, glasses, and black and white tennis shoes. He stores his inventions in the black and white backpack he calls his "Clemontic gear."

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • Clemont's pajamas are a nightcap and long-sleeved nightshirt with blue and light blue stripes.
  • In and in a fantasy of Clemont wrapped around in a in , Clemont's underwear consists of a white tank top and light blue striped bloomers underneath his jumpsuit.
  • During his dating video in , Clemont dressed up in a habit à la française, a style of suit popular during the 18th century. It consists of a blue longcoat, teal waistcoat and breeches, orange cravat, white shirt, long white socks, and blue shoes.
  • Clemont, along with Bonnie wore a gray hoodie with the Voltage badge on it and sweat pants in .
  • During the in , Clemont wore a costume based on a .


  • During , the second ending of the XY series, Clemont wore a blue and white striped old-fashioned one-piece swimsuit and cap. He also wears yellow goggles when he is underwater.

Snow wear

  • In the freezer room in , Clemont, along with Ash, Serena, Alexa, and Bonnie, he wore an orange snowsuit.
  • In , he wore a blue jacket over his jumpsuit.
  • In between and , Clemont is sometimes seen wearing a green winter coat with a light-green cross shaped on the front, with blue mittens and green boots with a light green line along the top of the boots.
  • Clemont in his pajamas

  • Clemont in his underwear and undershirt.

  • Clemont wearing a nice suit during his "dating" video for PokéVision.

  • Clemont in an orange snowsuit with Ash, Serena, Alexa, and Bonnie.

  • Clemont's snow wear

  • Clemont's snow wear in XY119

  • Clemont's swimsuit in the .

  • Clemont in his costume.

Bonnie's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Bonnie's main outfit consists of a dark brown T-shirt with a black ribbon on the chest, white skirt, knee-length black leggings, and pink Mary Jane flats. She carries a yellow satchel.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • When she sleeps, Bonnie wears pajamas.
  • In , Bonnie wore a pink ninja suit.
  • Bonnie, along with Clemont wore a gray hoodie with the Voltage badge on it and shorts that isn't visible in . While at a shopping mall, Bonnie wore several outfits with Diancie and Serena.
  • During a training session in , Bonnie wore a yellow training suit.
  • In , she wore a cooking hat and long sleeved apron.
  • During the in , Bonnie wore a costume based on a .
  • In a giveaway quiz featured in for and DVDs, and the Get Pokémon TV set, Bonnie wore a Santa outfit.

Formal clothes

Weather clothes


Snow wear

  • In the freezer room in , Bonnie, along with Ash, Serena, Alexa, and Clemont, wore an orange snowsuit.
  • In , Bonnie wore a snow outfit.
  • In between and , Bonnie is sometimes seen wearing a snow outfit.
  • Bonnie in her Tyrantrum pajamas

  • Bonnie in her training suit

  • Bonnie in her Snubbull cooking clothes

  • Bonnie in her Slowbro swimsuit

  • Bonnie wearing a Delibird snow outfit

  • Bonnie's Slurpuff snow outfit

  • Bonnie in her Ludicolo costume

  • Bonnie wearing a blue swimsuit

  • Bonnie in a dessert dress

  • Bonnie in a fancy gown

  • Bonnie in a frilly dress

  • Bonnie in a fancy dress

  • Bonnie wearing a fancy dress

  • Bonnie in boyish clothes

  • Bonnie in casual clothing

  • Bonnie in a green dress

  • Bonnie in a racing outfit

  • Bonnie wearing a Santa outfit in a giveaway quiz

Lana's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Lana's main outfit consists of a white sleeveless t-shirt with a dark blue one piece swimsuit underneath, a blue scarf, blue pants with light blue wave patterns on the bottom and a light brown drawstring, a golden string hairband, and dark blue sandals.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • In and , Lana wore a baseball uniform when she played Pokémon Base with her classmates.
  • In , , , and SM079, Lana wore a long, light-green one-piece pajamas with a blue just under the top and across each leg hole. She also removes her hairband when she sleeps.
  • In , Lana wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears.

Weather clothes


  • Lana wears a dark blue one piece swimsuit, with a small light-blue fish image near the top of it, underneath her normal outfit.
Snow wear
  • In , Lana wore a light and dark turquoise jacket, dark turquoise trousers, yellow gloves, an orange scarf and brown shoes.
  • Lana's swimsuit

  • Lana's baseball uniform

  • Lana's pajamas

  • Lana's Ultra Guardian outfit

  • Lana's nurse outfit

  • Lana's winter clothing

Kiawe's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Kiawe's main outfit consists of a black necklace with crystals on, with black feathers on his shoulders. He wears red shorts with dark red stripes and a dark red belt, and red and black sandals.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • In and , Kiawe wore a baseball uniform when he played Pokémon Base with his classmates.
  • in , , , and SM079, Kiawe wore only his dark teal sweat shorts as his pajamas.
  • In , Kiawe wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears.

Weather clothes


  • In , , , and in the second ending of the Sun & Moon series, , Kiawe wore orange swim trunks with white stripes along the top and on each side of the leg holes.
Snow wear
  • In , Kiawe wore a black jacket, with a red zipper, red pockets, red stripes around the bottom of the torso and sleeves, grey pants and black and white shoes.
  • Kiawe's swim shorts

  • Kiawe's baseball uniform

  • Kiawe's pajamas

  • Kiawe's snow jacket

  • Kiawe's Ultra Guardian outfit

  • Kiawe's nurse outfit

Lillie's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Lillie's main outfit consists of a big white wide-brim hat, a white and light blue dress, white stockings with blue frills at the top, and blue shoes.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • In , Lillie wore a full suit of diving gear to avoid making contact with Pokémon during a class.
  • In and , Lillie wore a baseball uniform when she played Pokémon Base with her classmates.
  • In , Lillie was shown wearing a short blue nightdress similar to her usual dress in a fantasy.
  • In , she wore a light-blue zip-up long-sleeved shirt, white jeans, and long dark grey boots as her riding outfit.
  • From to , as well as , , and SM079, Lillie was wearing a short white nightgown with a light-blue lower-half and frills at the top-half as pajamas.
  • From to , Lillie wore a short, white, pleated miniskirt with a blue line; a white hoodie; a pink backpack; white socks; and tennis shoes. She also changed her hairstyle to a large ponytail.
  • In , Lillie wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears.

Weather clothes


  • In , , , and in the second ending of the Sun & Moon series, , Lillie wore a white and blue bikini consisting of a crop top and a white skirt.
Snow wear
  • In , Lillie wore a navy and white jacket coat, a pink ribbon on the chest of the coat, a navy hat, navy boots with a white stripe at the top of each boot and pink gloves.
  • Lillie's fishing suit

  • Lillie's bikini

  • Lillie's riding outfit

  • Lillie's athletic outfit worn during the quest to Ultra Space

  • Lillie's Ultra Guardian outfit

  • Lillie's nurse outfit

  • Lillie's winter clothing

Sophocles's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Sophocles's main outfit consists of a white t-shirt with an orange print that strongly resembles a connected to a , a yellow, lightning bolt-like scarf, and a grey metallic belt with a circular buckle and lines along it. He also wears brown pants with an orange rolled up hemline, and green and purple shoes, with yellow lightning bolts along the sides.

Side outfits

Other outfits

  • In , , , , , , , , , and , Sophocles was seen wearing white and orange-striped one-piece pajamas.
  • In and SM079, Sophocles wore a baseball uniform when he played Pokémon Base with his classmates.
  • In , Sophocles wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears.
  • In SM079, Sophocles wore a white onesie with the same yellow scarf and collar he wears in the present, with a print of an orange planet and a yellow ring around it; two diagonal orange lines near the bottom; and blue shoes with a white bottom, a yellow stripe on the top, and a white stripe on the front of each shoe.

Weather clothes


  • In , , , and in the second ending of the Sun & Moon series, , Sophocles wore an aqua and white striped one-piece swimsuit.
Snow wear
  • In , Sophocles wore a green snow beanie with a lighter green pom-pom on top, a yellow and orange jacket, purple pants, green gloves that are the same color as his beanine and dark green shoes.
  • Sophocles's pajamas

  • Sophocles's swimsuit

  • Sophocles's baseball uniform

  • Sophocles's Ultra Guardian outfit

  • Sophocles's nurse outfit

  • Sophocles's winter clothing

Mallow's main outfit

Main outfit

  • Mallow's main outfit consists of grey overalls with tattered edges and a light red, sleeveless t-shirt underneath, a pink flower in her hair attached by a green headband, and green shoes with green bows on.

Side outfits

Weather clothes

  • Mallow wore a light-green two-piece swimsuit with red flower patterns in , , , and also in the second ending of the Sun & Moon series, .
Snow wear
  • In , Mallow wore a pink beanie, with a lighter colored pom-pom on top, a light purple jacket, light green pants, pink gloves that are the same color as her beanie and brown shoes.

Other outfits

  • Mallow wore a pink apron in , , , and .
  • In and , Mallow wore a baseball uniform when she played Pokémon Base with her classmates.
  • In , , and SM079, Mallow wore a pink T-shirt and shorts and a pink eyemask as pajamas.
  • In , Mallow wore a nurse outfit similar to the one that the Nurse Joy of wears.
  • Mallow's bikini

  • Mallow's baseball uniform

  • Mallow's Pink Apron

  • Mallow's pajamas

  • Mallow's Winter Outfit

  • Mallow's Ultra Guardian outfit

  • Mallow's nurse outfit

Team Rocket's main outfits

Main outfits

Jessie and James are usually found in the same outfit at all times: their white . There has been some question about the position or rank denoted by these uniforms, since most wear a black uniform of similar design. However, in , it was revealed that Jessie and James designed their own uniforms to "express their sense of style." Jessie and James have only been seen wearing a different color uniform in , where they (along with the other trainees) wear dark red. They also wore the black uniforms once.

Meowth, being a Pokémon, has no main outfit and is seen most often not wearing any clothing. However, he does have a fairly notable list of side outfits which he's worn alongside Jessie and James.

Best Wishes series

Team Rocket's black uniforms

Jessie and James changed into their black uniforms in the . They wore these outfits from until when they switched back into their white ones.

Sun & Moon series

In addition to their regular outfits, Jessie, James, Meowth, and also dress in light summer clothes when they are in public and off work in the . Jessie wears a purple sleeveless shirt with pink flower prints, a light purple coat tied around her neck, faint purple pants and white sandals; She also wears a light yellow hat, a yellow wristband and brown sunglasses. James wears a light green shirt with light heart prints in the front, light yellow shorts and blue shoes; He also wears a blue and white cap with a green logo on the front and black sunglasses. Meowth wears a red polo shirt, dark yellow shorts, an orange visor hat, orange slippers and greenish sunglasses. Wobbuffet wears a pink shirt, a light brown hat and blue triangular sunglasses.

The Power of Us

In , which is set in a different continuity from the main series, Jessie and James wear altered versions of their white uniforms. Jessie's shirt is now sleeveless and her skirt now has a belt, while James' shirt is shorter and has shorter sleeves.

Side outfits


Main article:

Frequently, when they are not wearing their Team Rocket uniforms, they are most likely wearing something as a to fool the . These range from very elaborate to very simple outfits, all of which have fooled Ash and with similar success.

Several of these disguises are posing as other characters, such as and . is usually the best at telling these disguises from the actual women, whether he is aware of it or not.

Formal clothes

  • In , the characters dress up in formal medieval-themed outfits. Jessie and James looked possibly the most out of place, perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek joke, wearing extravagant outfits based more on the than medieval times. Meowth, on the other hand, wore one of the most well-known of medieval outfits, a .
  • Whenever she competes in , Jessie wears a large orange dress with light brown boots, with round yellow and orange glasses and her hair in pigtails, under the name Jessilina (Japanese: キャンディ・ムサリーナ Candy Musalina).

Weather clothes

  • Jessie and James both wore two-piece bikinis in . James wore his with giant inflatable breasts. These swimsuits were never seen in the English dub, since the scene containing them was cut.
  • Jessie and James also both wore swimsuits in . Jessie wore a blue bikini and James wore blue swim briefs. They both had the 'R' logo on them.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth were seen using scuba gears in .
Snow wear

Other clothes


  • The infamous scene that got cut in the English dub

  • Team Rocket in their swimsuits

  • Jenny and Joy disguises

  • Team Rocket during the introduction of the

  • Team Rocket in a flashback during their days as Rocket Trainees

  • Meowth dressed up as a prince

  • James in a suit

  • James as a Moltres

  • Jessie and Misty in kimonos and crowns

  • Jessie, James, and Meowth using their casual clothing from the

  • Jessie and James disguises in

  • Jessie as Jessebella

  • Jessebella's Hawaiian attire

  • Jessie as Jessadia

  • Jessie as Jessilina

  • Jessilina as

  • James disguised as Jessilina

  • As Jessilina in the Grand Festival

  • Jessie, James, and Meowth in scuba gear

  • Jessie, James, and Meowth undercover in cook outfits for the

  • Jessie, James, and Meowth rescue outfits for the

  • Jessie in her costume and James in his costume.

  • James's diving suit

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