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Fitted suits, tie bars, and fedoras are a few of the staples we've came to associate with Neal Caffrey, played by Texas-born actor Matt Bomer. Rugged beards and stylish scruffy facial hair? Not this guy, he takes pride in being clean-shaven and immaculately well-groomed. Moderately inspired by Cary Grant  in "To Catch a Thief" and Caffrey definitely looks like an

Cary Grant in the 1955 movie "To Catch a Thief"

The show's costume designer Stephanie Maslansky openly discusses the makings of Neal Caffrey's wardrobe on White Collar's official website. She says his look is 'mid-century gone modern' with suits by designers and (but let's not forget about his vintage suit from the very first episode). His tie bars are vintage, and his ties are also almost always vintage and bought at Manhattan's and. Speaking of accessories, so many wonder where Neal gets those fedoras, no other than Manhattan's oldest hat shop,, And these days his sunglasses are often classic Ray-Bans.

Caffrey also sports his fair share of 3-piece suits, sorta like another USA Character. Can anyone guess? Harvey from Suits of course. Prepare for the which includes a Kodak Pocket Camera.

All those who have been loyally watching since Season 1, like myself, know about the show's love for … I remember a bedroom scene that was  joyously filled with Thomas Pink bags in the background– some of the show's swankiest product placement to date, lol. But they don't just use Pink bags for props, many of Caffreys cuff-links and shirts are Thomas Pink (as well as Paul Smith and John Varvatos).

When he's out with Mozzie or painting in his apartment (June's "guest room") we may find him in a few casual-wears, like crew necks, polos, and  button-ups. Those seldom seen looks vary in labels: sometimes shirts by and Band of Outsiders, jackets by, pants by Prada, shoes by Sperry for J.Crew, and all of the above by John Varvatos (this show really really likes Varvatos, and Thomas Pink, but definitely Varvatos). When it comes to purchasing a little bit of everything (casual, business, clothing, accessories) costume designer Maslanksy also does her fair share of shopping at and

Note: One main style element that is consistent with Caffrey is the color blue, there's rarely an outfit that doesn't have something blue in it– whether it's the suit, a tie, his hat, shirt, or even a scene that has him in his drawers, 99% of the time he's wearing something blue. This is of course done to match Matt Bomer's piercing blue eyes.

So let's review, To Get the Style Of Neal Caffrey: Mix vintage modern, stick with slim silhouettes for suits and dress shirts, and accessorize with vintage ties, tie bars, and classic fedoras. Pretty easy, eh? So on your next shopping trip implement a bit of Caffrey in your style, or you can shop the look below:


armani alt="ShopStyle" src="http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww30/theurbangent/look%20books/ShopStyleLogo_powered.png">


More Neal Caffrey Style Inspiration photos below:

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