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Blue eye makeup ideas 2018

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"Eyeshadow" redirects here. For the blue eye makeup ideas 2018 song by No Devotion, see Permanence (album).

Eyes with heavy gold eye shadow

Eye shadow is a that is applied on the and under the. It is commonly used to make the wearer's eyes stand out or look more attractive.

Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to one's eyes, complement the eye color, make one's eyes appear larger, or simply draw attention to the eyes. Eye shadow comes in many different colors and textures. It is usually made from a and, but can also be found in,, cream or mousse form.

Civilizations across the world use eye shadow predominantly on females but also occasionally on males. In Western society, it is seen as a feminine cosmetic, even when used by men. In, black or similarly dark-colored eye shadow and other types of eye makeup are popular among both sexes.

Many people use eye shadow simply to improve their appearance, but it is also commonly used in theatre and other plays, to create a memorable look, with bright, bold colors. Depending on skin tone and experience, the effect of eye shadow usually brings out glamour and gains attention. The use of eye shadow attempts to replicate the natural eye shadow that some women exhibit due to a natural contrasting pigmentation on their eyelids. Natural eye shadow can range anywhere from a glossy shine to one's eyelids, to a pinkish tone, or even a silver look.


A powder eye shadow palette with brown shades for normal day wear; the two center colors are sparkly while the silver and white shades are for creating shadows and highlights. Video demonstrating application of eye shadow.

Eye shadow can be applied in a wide variety of ways depending upon the desired look and formulation. Typically application is done using fingers or brushes. The most important aspect of applying eye shadow, and makeup in general, is blending well. However, you must not forget to include a primer to limit the chances of creases in your eye shadow later.

To remove eye shadow, a commercial eye makeup remover can be utilized, though a rich face wash will usually remove all traces of color. Generally it is easy to remove, and simple water and soap can be used. Eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara may also be removed using. There are also makeup wipes and makeup eraser clothes that can be used.


Cosmetics have been used for as long as there have been people to use them. Face painting is mentioned in the Old Testament ( 23:40), and eye shadow was used in Egyptian burials dating back to 10,000 BC.[] The word "cosmetae" was first used to describe Roman slaves whose duty was to bathe men and women in perfume.[]


bust with eye shadow applied

As early as 10,000 BC, men and women used scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their skin and mask body odor. Dyes and paints were used to color the skin, body and hair. They their lips and cheeks, stained their nails with, and lined their eyes and eyebrows heavily with. Kohl was a dark-colored powder made of crushed, burnt,,,, ash,, and (a blue-green copper ore) or any combination thereof. It was applied with a small stick. The upper and lower eyelids were painted in a line that extended to the sides of the face for an almond effect. In addition to reducing sun glare, it was believed that kohl eyeliner could restore good eyesight and reduce eye infection. Kohl was kept in a small, flat-bottomed pot with a wide, tiny rim and a flat, disk-shaped lid.

According to images of the time, the use of makeup was not limited to women. Highly polished silver and copper mirrors aided the application of makeup.


In Greece, precious oils, perfumes, cosmetic powders, eye shadows, skin glosses, paints, beauty unguents, and hair dyes were in universal use. Export and sale of these items formed an important part of. During the 7th and 8th centuries BC,, and East Greek traders dominated markets in perfume flasks and cosmetic containers. The containers included,, and other small specialized shapes.


Men and women in the Near East painted their faces with kohl just like the Egyptians did. This was to protect them from the ‘.’ After the, the Romans adapted the Egyptian custom, albeit with different ends. To the Romans, applying eye shadow became a matter of fashion and esthetics.[] Other cosmetics took on a medicinal application in Rome. Plagues were so rampant throughout Rome that aromatic gums and resins were burned to repel demons and bad spirits.


Common ingredients in eye shadows consist of,,,, colorants, and preservatives. Fillers in eye shadows are primarily talc. The liquid binders are typically a silicone and the dry binders are typically magnesium stearate. In order to make an eye shadow, there has to be a balance between the fillers, dry binders as well as liquid binders.

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