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College lifecf weekend playlist oldies but goodies

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Sharing a fun, upbeat playlist of oldies but goodies for mommy and baby to sing and dance along to! Scroll down if you just can’t wait!

Hey ya’ll!

So this week has been pretty weak sauce on the exercise plan I was determined to keep. But, that’s ok, and we’re heading into the weekend so I’m fully planning on redeeming myself. I’m hoping to squeeze in at least one run, and maybe a long family walk or two. We shall see. It’s been blazing hot still this week so if it doesn’t cool off I’m not sure how much outside time we’ll be able to handle. I am 100% ready for all things pumpkin, plaid, and booties. Bring. It. On.

Adeline has been so much fun this week! She’s loving pulling up and standing by anything and everything, and she’s even standing on her tippy toes to reach things. I’ve caught her a couple times standing on her own for a few seconds, before she quickly realizes she’s not holding onto anything and she gracefully plops back down on her bottom. She’ll college also take a few steps when she’s pushing her new little walker, or while she’s cruising carefully around the coffee table with one hand. I’m just as excited for the day she learns to walk as I am dreading it! Talk about taking baby proofing to a whole new level!

Here are a few snapshots from the week – I think Adeline is getting wilder by the second! heart eyes!!






Ahhhh I just love her so much. That personality is getting bigger and bigger!

Ever since she was little, (ha, little, little-ER I should say) there were certain songs that I would love to sing with Adeline. I’ve had a running playlist I’m constantly adding to and I love listening to it with her while I’m making dinner, or if we’re trying to entertain her for a little bit while we get her food ready, or even during bath time. I refer to my playlist as my, “Dancing In The Kitchen” playlist, and I love holding Adeline and spinning her around and listening to her laugh while we sing these fun oldies but goodies. She’s probably laughing at my terrible singing, but there’s just something sweet about pretending to dance with your baby while spinning each other around in your pajamas.

There’s so much crap on the radio these days that Adam and I always joke about making sure Adeline grows up having a good taste in music, instead of all the junk that’s currently popular! Call us old souls, but sometimes I think the 60’s, 70’s, even 80’s were where it’s at! Anyways, I thought I’d share a portion of my playlist, so you can have a dancing in the kitchen moment too! These little moments are the BEST! Belt it out, sister, and have some fun!

mommy baby fun sing along playlist

Enjoy your weekend!

What’s your dancing in the kitchen anthem?

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