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Major New Fashion Looks for Summer 2007
Female Fashion Trends 2007

Cream and orange bud print shift top (£45) from the main range of UK high street retailer PrinciplesThe latest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2007 are all about 'dresses'.  There is a fashion transition happening at the moment with romance in dress, versus futurism in dress. 

On a fashion history point, I note that hemlines have been rising steadily for some two seasons and the ultra-short catwalk silhouette is leading to extreme leggy looks in mass produced garments for spring 2007.

If you are not a dress type of person then you can still show leg, but by adopting  

This cream and orange bud print shift top (£45) is modelled here as a dress.  See picture to the right from the main range of UK retailer Principles.  With its bright abstract print, the captures the optimistic spirit of summer and the graphic styling of late noughties prints.  It can easily be worn either as a dress or tunic top. Image courtesy of Principles.

The new sobriety in fashion demands that for Spring/Summer 2007 the midriff be covered, but expect to show a bit more leg.
Quite a bit more leg......

Hemlines for Spring/Summer 2007 are flirtatious and indecisive.  Spring is about the dress.  For those youthful enough in body and mind the mini-dress with the sky high hemline is the must-have dress. 

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson retro print smock dress £45 and hexagon detail bag £60 from Debenhams Spring/Summer 2007 Womenswear.A fashion trendsetter should think high-waisted empire dresses that reveal lots of thigh or at least graze the knee.  The high waistline has developed as a noticeable trend in all types of clothing, including skirts, pants and jackets.  Deep corset belts can easily make any dress high waisted.Debut ivory, black & pink shanghai scoop neck dress £80 from Debenhams Spring/Summer 2007 Womenswear.

Short cute dresses and micro-minis are one of the key pieces for fashion conscious women this spring.  Wear them as dresses or as tunic tops over leggings, jeans or pants. 

Left - Butterfly by Matthew Williamson retro print smock dress £45 and hexagon detail bag £60.  Right - Debut ivory, black & pink shanghai scoop neck empire line dress £80.  Both dresses are from Debenhams Spring/Summer 2007 Womenswear.
Images courtesy of Debenhams.

Other key pieces for Spring/Summer 2007 are also dress inspired and include the smock, the parka dress and in complete contrast, the maxi dress.

This £35 blue one shoulder jersey dress is from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007. Look out for endless dress styles from the regular shift, shirt waist and empire dress to the 1920s drop waist dresses.  Expect to find in a shop near you, bra dresses, lace dresses over slips, bustier and bandeau dresses, jersey Grecian asymmetric and halter neck dresses.Mink multi silk sleeved print tunic with beads £60/€99 is from Wallis Spring/Summer 2007.

But the dress that surprises most is the parka worn as a dress.  The dress that comforts most is the soft relaxed Jersey dress in easy shift styles that suits many situations. This £35 blue one shoulder jersey dress left is from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007 fashion range.

Many of the Spring 2007 dresses will be.  This mink multi silk sleeved print tunic with beads £60/€99 is from Wallis Spring/Summer 2007 ladies fashion range.  It makes that fashionable nod to a jewelled neckline. 
Images courtesy of Warehouse and Wallis/Arcadia.

For Spring Summer 2007, the key fashion trends hinge on futuristic space age looks, gleaming shining iridescent fabrics, romantic folkloric delicate softness, sporty slouchy looks, body conscious sculpting and an 80s neon colour vibe.

  • Dresses - Every style imaginable from ultra short, mini, knee and maxi
  • Futurist - Space Odyssey 60s retro futurist, fantasy armour, satins, patent, plastic, rubber and leather
  • Metallics - Sweet wrapper looks, gold, silver, shimmer, shine, gleam, lustre and sparkle
  • Romantic Looks - Soft layers, floral looks, softer colours, bows, delicacy and lace
  • Folkloric Styling - Folksy traditional and paisley border prints and peasant necklines
  • Slouch Looks - Easy jersey dressing, Brit boy and soft casual over sizing
  • Luxury Sport - Sophisticated  sporty looks in luxury glamorous fabrics
  • Bold Prints - Monochrome patterns in oversized abstract and organic imagery
  • Neon Brights - Dazzling Colour and clashing colour mixes
  • 80's Body Conscious - Cling, fit and glamour

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These fashion looks all lean designs toward the dress as the major important garment this Spring/Summer 2007.  Of all the looks, Futurism is without doubt the look that will move us forward into 2008.

Other factors you need to consider when scanning fashion trendsetters for Spring/Summer 2007 are the significance of a narrow or fuller silhouette,,.  It is some while since materials have held such importance on the overall look of a season's fashion trends.

Tent dress from New Look Spring/ Summer 2007 Women's Wear 2007.

Volume has steadily been polished and refined. A-line swing has been an autumn staple, but now volume has taken on a shapelier look as its moved closer to the body and as fabrics have become less stiff, more delicate, softer and flowing.

In 2007 volume no longer shocks us, but it is evident everywhere in roomier clothes in the swing of a fuller skirt or the flare of a trapeze dress, the loose silhouette of a swagger coat or swing back cropped jacket, wider legs in trousers, a fuller bloused sleeve, a generous ruffle or a fuller wider collar.  This tent dress right and courtesy of New Look Spring/ Summer 2007 Women's Wear is a style you may well wear this year.

No doubt many women in everyday life, will opt for the volume found in clothes of easy jersey slouch dressing and wider pants.  Even denim garments are getting roomier as women now have the choice to rebel against wearing skinnies, opting for well cut slim cigarette pants or slouch trousers instead.  But for those who can wear them, the cut Skinny jeans are Topshop's Baxter jeans which just happen to be incredible value.  Skinny pants in satin are novel too.  Leggings with stretch are another matter and they take on a new look now with metallic finishes.  Volume has been around for 18 months or so - see my

Colours shown on many catwalks were from a subdued chalkier earthy palette, with softer neutrals in silver, opal grey, cream, white, flesh, soft pink, blush, ecru, coffee cream, copper and soft sandy browns. 

The dazzling bright electric blue shirt-shorts jump dress is from Oasis SS07 Catwalk Show. Fortunately the high street has opted to follow the lead of Miuccia Prada and her use of richer jewel tones.  Look out for stronger tones of sky blue, electric blue, gold, and many hues as sweet wrapper metallic colours. 

Check out the alternatives of sharply dazzling acid bright neon colours.  The latter hues are the confident 80's brights of yellow, tangerine, coral, scarlet red, purple, cobalt blue, ultramarine, emerald sea green, and hot bright fuchsia pink.  Yellow and gold are some of the most important colours on offer in many clothing lines this season.

Expect to see plenty of vivid ultramarine and electric blue.  The dazzling bright electric blue shorts shirt dress left is courtesy of Oasis SS07 Catwalk Show.  Electric colours are often mixed silver and other metallics in  

Purple floral print empire bra dress - £25/€40 from Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007.

Spring/Summer 2007 fabrics are decorated with abstract and bold graphic prints as well as small floral ditzy prints, botanical and large cabbage rose designs.

Opt for big aggressive prints which have a more modern look if you want to appear hot on trend, although smaller Liberty dimity style florals will look more elegant for mannered social events such as weddings. 
Right purple floral print empire bra dress - £25/€40 from Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007 Fashions.  Image courtesy of Dorothy Perkins/Arcadia.

Graphic bold black and white monochrome prints hone in on the retro sixties element that has been a strong fashion vibe for several seasons and should hold on well through Spring/Summer 2007. 
Why? Well women like the fresh youthful feel of 60's inspired fashion designs.

  Detailed encrustation and textured appliqué on dresses was intense on many catwalk garments.  The technique made many garments into walking 60s inspired textile arts collages a confection of modern passementerie. 

This silver white dress is from the range Star by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams. Fabrics for spring 2007 glimmer and shimmer, shine, gleam and glisten.  So important is this factor that is a fashion trend in its own right and much of it is clearly intended for day wear.  If the metallic fashion trend is too full on for you just add items with metallic trim to your wardrobe.

Sixties inspired space age dresses with cutaway armholes work the metallic fashion trend really well.  Retro Futurism is where Space Odyssey meets the 21st century.

This silver white jewelled brocade tunic shift dress shown left is courtesy of Debenhams. It's from the fashion range Star by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams Spring/Summer 2007 Womenswear fashion range. 

Lustre also make lace appear to gleam.  Thick lace crochet dresses and tops hark back to the decade of flower power, whilst more defined gleaming machine made lustrous Austrian lace fabrics are laid over shining coloured petticoat slips.
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Storm trooper, heavy metal looks don't translate too well to the high street.  Chain mail, although it made for good designer shows, is impractical in real life.  Futuristic trends include Lucite heels in shoes.  Both Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen used Lucite.  Check out anything that has a silver 60s Space Age look.  For other designers who went futuristic examine the merchandise from Dolce and Gabbana and Hussein Chalayan.

The high street can't copy this retro futurism look easily - yet!  The current alternative is to wear lame or metallic leggings or adopt silver and metallic looks. So far the high street alternative is to opt for plastic, oversized plastic or metal Pailettes on garments, leather and unusual materials in cloth.

Until realistic alternatives emerge, for now look to shiny preformed bra cups in clothes, patent leather, shiny metallic fabrics, smooth line corsets incorporated into dresses.  Also accessorise with shoes trimmed with hard metal trims and sleek smooth untangled sharp haircuts.  The more instant practical solution might be the golden leggings available from American Apparel or the copper metallic wet look leggings from River Island and Retro-styled corsetry with new, playful details.

Rubber, plastic, bonded materials....Terminator here I come!

Metallics are breaking new ground.Gold brocade jacket £45/€70 from Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007 range

Golden looks have gained momentum in the past few months appearing across dresses, coats and jackets adding elegant glamour.  Gold, yellow and mustard clothes are very much a seasonal must-have.

This lovely gold brocade jacket £45/€70 left is from Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007 range and has a matching shift dress.  Note the elbow sleeves, shaped waist, big saucer buttons and soft volume to the jacket skirt.  Image courtesy of Dorothy Perkins/Arcadia.

Look out for with shimmering negative/positive raised surface texture and sheen.

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New Look Metallic check design coat

It's not just gold, but silver too that has gained in importance.

The gold rush that started a year ago is shifting position to add even more opulent gleam as silver shimmer and metallic sweet wrapper foil effects in materials start appearing in stores.  From clutch bags to shoes, to slinky dresses and coats, shine and silver sparkle will be seen far and wide in 2007.

The New Look Metallic check-design coat far right has easy swing and swagger, large buttons, a wide flat collar and retains that sleeve interest with a three quarter sleeve fitted into a small band cuff.  Sleeve cuffs of all types are an area of focus this year.

Silver grey cloud grosgrain bell sleeve coat £80/€130 left is from Wallis Spring Summer 2007This gleaming silver grey cloud grosgrain bell sleeve coat £80/€130 left, is from Wallis Spring Summer 2007 Limited range and has all the features you'd look for in a special fashion coat to take that chill off that wisp of a mini dress beneath it.  

Image courtesy of Wallis and New Look.

Take special note of the directional features.  Observe the wider collars in both of these coats and note the cuff ruffle flounce and the bands on the sleeves.   Obvious pockets and pocket welts or zip pockets are cropping up on all apparel items.  Fabrics are extra important this season.  They shimmer, they glimmer and gleam, they have textural qualities not seen in general fashion clothing for years.

Grosgrain is one of the interesting fashion fabrics currently in use.  Grosgrain is a closely woven ribbed fabric with linear surface texture similar to that of grosgrain hatband ribbon. 

The silver cocoon dress from the Nouveau range at PrinciplesDresses of 2007 come with built in jewellery! 
The surface decorative texture on dresses, first seen at the catwalk shows, has also been used at the necklines of many high street shop dresses.  Jewelled necklines mean that there is minimal need for to wear a necklace.  With dresses like these, concentrate on coordinating earrings or statement rings and wrist jewellery rather than crowding the neckline.

In the you can see chunky bead embellishment at the neckline. 

The Nouveau Principles dress is a comfortable option for dining out or dancing.  It has volume, but not too much volume.  Make sure when buying a loose cut dress like this, that your dress is a perfect fit on the shoulder, neckline and armhole. Oyster satin dress with jet jewels £60/€99 is part of the Wallis Spring/Summer 2007 dress collection.

This bejewelled neckline, oyster dress show to the right, is from Wallis and looks like a classic buy that one day will be a vintage find.  The jet beads highlight the curve of the neckline  and make excessive jewellery unnecessary. Right - Oyster satin dress with jet jewels £60/€99 part of the Wallis Spring/Summer 2007 ladies dress collection.

Satin demands a figure with few flaws.  Be sure to check your appearance in a 2 or 3 way mirror when you buy any satin garments.   Fashion has no mercy when it comes to lumps and bumps.
Images courtesy of Principles and Wallis.

Palma Tunic £55 - Monsoon.Catwalk hemlines are exceptionally high, but do expect to see this high fashion styling tamed down for the high street.  Ultra short micro hemlines have lead to straight and simple trapeze silhouettes that skim the body, but which show lot of leg and minimal cleavage.

Overdone cleavage is out.
Bare midriffs are out.

For Spring/Summer 2007, women will be able to look pretty in prints that are  grown up girly.  This soft prettiness is a counterpoint to the Brit Boy Slouch and Luxury Sporty looks.  

Above left - Palma Tunic £55 courtesy of Monsoon fashion range.  This streamlined tunic shift dress is perfect for modern daywear with its over scaled graphic print and minimal colour palette of black, white and flashes of ochre, khaki and burnt orange. Image courtesy of Monsoon.

Green geo-print chiffon maxi dress - £35/€55 from Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007

Romantic dreamy flowing full length, maxi dresses in empire line or halter neck styles sweep the floor as exotic prints and Pucci style abstract patterns all vie for attention.  Full length jersey dresses in plain strong colours or prints like this maxi style print dress from Dorothy Perkins right scream fashionable glamour.   Right - Green geo-print chiffon maxi dress - £35/€55 courtesy of Dorothy Perkins Spring/Summer 2007 fashions.

Baby doll dress image is courtesy of Oasis SS07 Catwalk Show.Short baby doll empire line dresses are more prevalent than ever.  Baby doll dress left, is courtesy of Oasis SS07 Fashion Trends Catwalk Show.

Evening cocktail dresses with frivolous frills scream the message feminine romantic lady who is all woman.  Multi layered chiffons float with volume fullness and are adorned with self fabric rose flowers.   Fabric flower adornment is fashionable both as corsage embellishment and appliqué.

Floral silk muslins are perfect for summer dresses and you can expect to find many dresses in practical materials and just as many in romantic silk and chiffon.   Dresses, blouses, skirts all float to make for girlish romantic clothes set against practical, pocketed, parka dresses and folksy frocks.  
Images courtesy of Oasis and Dorothy Perkins/Arcadia.

Floral silk mini tunic dress £55 from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007.Gucci's ivory white and red miniature folk pattern inspired dresses have inspired other fashion houses to create their own take on this folksy look.

Gucci's folkloric dresses have recently been featured with triple red snakeskin belts that cinch in volume and which are paired with ostrich and tassel red handbags in a recent advertising feature. 

This is an easy look for fashion companies to copy and is likely to be a commercial success, especially as the loose styling means one size fits so many!

Look for intricate and scaled down patterns, Paisley patterns, scaled border prints with strong bands of colour, lacing, piping, square yoke necklines, smock shapes, elastication, flounces and full blouson sleeves as the main features of this current look.  Arts and craft texture also features on some pieces within this category.

This folksy floral tunic dress from Warehouse right is made up in silk and is £55 from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007 fashion collection.  Topshop also does this fashionable folkloric look extremely well.  If you seek a designer who favours patchwork styled smock frocks then look no further than ladies clothes from the Marc by Marc Jacobs range.  Hot foot it the new London store open from 16 February 2007.  Just in time for spring shopping.  Image courtesy of Warehouse.

If folksy is not your style then maybe you should look to the body conscious trend. 80's body hugging short dresses sit best on strong looking womanly bodies with good legs worthy of showing.  This look is not for fragile waifs.  It's a power look and needs a confident striding curvaceous womanly body.  One that can be held in without discomfort by strong Lycra™ power net whilst tottering on high heels. 

Select body-con dresses which emphasise the highness of bust and elongate the legs whilst really hugging the the body like a tight bandage.

80's Body Conscious is a translatable trend and likely to be more important by autumn 2007.

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Neon Brights - Dazzling Colour for 2007

Glamour flourishes - the primary vibrant electric colour palette of the 80s and early 1990s brings retro glamour which overshadows the understated looks associated with greige and the soft neutral powder colours of the October catwalk shows. 

Mix hot colours with black for a real 80's feel and think power and punk.

Check out boxier jackets, blazers, clean sharp clingy 80's silhouettes and anything bold and bright.  This look is not for the timid as your Day-Glo look will be hard not to notice with all that fake tan you'll need to balance the look.  Elsewhere leave the roast chicken tan, fake or real safely under wraps.

However if it's simply all too much for you just reading about cling and fit in brilliant colourways then look no further than Slouchy Chic.  You are reading an original fashion trends article written by at ©

Effortless chic and easy dressing make for feminine fashionable urban looks in a soft powdery palette.  Think monochrome, soft white, silver grey putty, sand, taupe greige, khaki, rose, pink and mauve.  

Volume is interpreted as looseness, easy cut, generous sleeves, circular yolks and easy loose dresses not much longer than a tunic. 

Easy-to-wear superfine jersey is worn in easy cut garments that are layered tone on tone and makes for great ladies wear.  Jersey Slinky jersey, silk jersey, cotton jersey all fit into this look.  Dancing queens go for jersey which stretches with every move. Tulip print dress with white wide leg linen trousers - dress £60, trousers £40, sunglasses £16 all from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007 range.

Eco friendly produced garments and organic fabrics also fit well into this category. This look is very good when done in all white. Think Claire McCardell easy sportswear.   But the easiest way to wear this look is the loose slouchy shirt dress or oversized baggy T-shirt with low key hair and make-up.

If you like more structure even to your slouch looks then wear a crisp neat top with wide slouchy volume pants or skirts set off with a big bag at least the size of a miniskirt.   Like the 80's Body Con Look, this is another easy to translate and wearable look showing a clear leaning toward androgynous tailored looks for autumn 2007.

Right - Tulip print dress with white wide leg linen trousers - dress £60, trousers £40, sunglasses £16 all from Warehouse Spring/Summer 2007 fashion range.
Image courtesy of Warehouse.

This look has been around for some time.  Tailored androgynous silhouettes that are lean and long borrow from the boyfriend.  Tailoring is evident, but soft and relaxed and definitely belonging in women's wear.  Hip length jackets and tuxedo jackets define this look.  City shorts add a girly touch  but if shorts are a priority on your shopping list then maybe you are the perfect consumer for the Sporty luxury look.  Read more about the.

Athletic active sporty glamorous wear is an important alternative statement to dresses in fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2007 season.  Luxury sportswear looks use satins and metallic futuristic fabrics along with neon brights. 

It is deluxe sporty glamour which is soft, casual yet glamorous, not really intended for sweating in the gym, but perfect for clubwear.  You can see and read about it on its own page Luxury Sporty and observe how it will appeal to a wide age range.
See and read much more about  

Bags have their own page in this section.  Big bags have been a real major trend of 2006 and the look is set to continue into 2007.

The main spring 2007 mass bag trend is the larger oversized handbag.  The more it resembles a super sized tote shopper the more it is part of the current trend.  But some of us have been buying smaller bags in revolt at this look which is now becoming laughable.  Hand luggage is luggage - handbags are handbags not intended to be Lady Bracknell baby carriers.  I confess I have already abandoned my bigger bags.  I began to feel overloaded by the contents that got heavier day by day.

However whilst I dislike this trend I concede big large bags are in tune with current looks.  So make your own choice between big and bold or the sharp look of a clutch or a small understated handheld frame bag. 

The October catwalk shows were the creative inspiration for new styles of clothing mentioned here.  The season now moves forward, and designer ideas morph into new mass fashion looks for Spring/Summer 2007.  Some catwalk looks will gain mass adoption and become a real fashion trend, others will fall by the wayside, but whatever look you choose, be sure you work with the parts of your body that you love.

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Special thanks to David of one of the best sources of PR material.

Header image courtesy of Principles.

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