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Eating by Numbers

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Forget painting by numbers - eating by numbers is the latest craze

Diet trends in LA last as long as the average celebrity marriage. We asked nutritionist to the stars
and author of Hollywood’s Healthiest Diets, Dr Tony Perrone, to explain the A-list eating plan du jour.

‘Right now, everyone is following the 45/35/20 diet,’ says Dr Perrone, who practises from his clinic near Beverly Hills.

On this diet, Perrone recommends that clients eat between 1,000 and 1,200 calories per day, spread across four meals: breakfast, lunch, a meal in the late afternoon and then dinner.

Each meal should be broken down into the following percentages: 22-28g of protein (45 per cent),
15-21g of carbohydrate (35 per cent) and 6-8g of fat (20 per cent).

‘Whereas 15 years ago it was all about Atkins – a high fat, no carb diet – now the emphasis is on high protein and limited carbs, which is a much more healthy way of achieving weight loss,’ says Perrone.

‘Eating more protein is the key because it is an effective way of controlling hormones such as insulin, cortisol and glucagon.

Video: Learn Numbers for Kids | Pacman Eating Numbers | Learning Video for Children and Toddlers

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