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Date: 21.11.2018, 05:26 / View: 45434

Kate Middleton set foot in one of her patronages, the Natural History Museum, yesterday, July 6, to attend the Art Fund Museum of the Year awards and present the prize to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

For over 110 years, the Art Fund has supported museums and galleries by providing them funding for acquisitions, training and development, and displaying art through tours and exhibitions. They promote hundreds of UK museums and galleries, and have raised millions to save works of art.

Each year, Art Fund awards the Museum of the Year prize of £100,000 to one museum which has shown exceptional imagination, innovation and achievement across the previous 12 months. The 2016 prize went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“I am delighted to be here with you tonight for the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award in this spectacular building. It is wonderful to celebrate the incredible array of British museums which has to offer, and it gives me enormous pleasure to announce the winner for 2016.”

Below is a video of Kate on stage.

Kate went to her go-to topic when chatting with the attendees, Prince George.

“At the event Kate revealed that her two-year-old son, Prince George, loves sculpture. And she said he loved visiting London’s Natural History Museum to see the dinosaur models.

“Nicky Wilson, from Jupiter Artland in West Lothian, said: ‘The Duchess said George comes here a lot. We were talking about children interacting with sculpture and contemporary art and he loves doing that. He loves 3D three dimensional sculptures. He does come here [the NHM] quite often.'”

The menu for the dinner included: a starter of Evesham asparagus and quail’s eggs with shaved summer truffle, granola and lemon oil; a main course of Roast sea bream with courgette flowers, crushed Ratte potatoes, calamansi dressing; and a dessert of Brown sugar meringue with blood orange and almond sugared candy floss and a Negroni sauce.

Kate debuted a new-to-her designer for yesterday’s event: the Brazilian-born, London-based designer Barbara Casasola. Kate chose a white off-the-shoulder mesh-paneled stretch-jersey dress from the designer’s Spring 2016 runway collection (originally retailed for ,120; was on sale for ,105 at , and 6 at ).

Kate also wore a new pair of shoes from a new designer, also Brazilian: the Schutz (originally 0, on sale for ). The shoes also come in (on sale for 6) and (on sale for ).

Kate carried a white sequin clutch that dates from 2012 which has not been identified. She also wore some rather large earrings which were mostly covered by her hair and have not been identified.

This look has a very 70s vibe to me with the off-the-shoulder dress and giant hair. While this look did not jump out and wow me when I first saw it, it’s grown on me a bit and I like that Kate went out of her comfort zone with this one.

PS. Kate will be at Wimbledon later today, July 7, to watch Serena & Venus Williams in their semi-final matches on Centre Court. This is the first time Kate will watch a women’s match; she usually only goes to the men’s matches.

  • Greetings Everyone,

    Just dropping in for an hour or so – we are about to refuel so figured this will be my only chance to connect with the KMR FAMILY….

    First and foremost this dress wearing exhibition was about her. The same old “look at me” “look at me” “look at me” – well the Anmer Hall inmates can stay locked up as far as I am concerned.

    Middleton obviously got a damn good slap for turning up at the Somme Memorial looking like a snake in her patterned coat (and no really important people for her to give her the worship she requires)
    and then that lace crochet doily monstrosity standing out like a peacock – again she tried to upstage Camilla. Well that certainly back fired…

    The Somme was about remembering the dead not giving her a runway to flaunt herself.

    My feeling in this knitted jumper and flaunting the over shoulder (trying to smoulder….) is because she copped a look at the August Vogue shoot of Crown Princess Mary – which is absolutely stunning and received a massive amount of praise from all over.

    That is what prompted this knitted shawl look, trying to ooze sexiness out of jealousy.

    Middleton has no social graces whatsoever, she is not interested in anyone who upstages her, you do not leave a dinner before dessert is served unless you are going to stick your fingers down your throat – again it is about control. Her control over all she surveys. The minions do not matter. It is all about her.

    People are sick of things like The Somme Centenary being turned into a kate middleton triumph, same with the Queens birthday celebrations (3 days of trying to upstage everyone), then of course turning up at Wimbledon every year but oh no stuff the Irish Guards – and no she was nowhere near the 7/7 Remembrance Ceremonies either.

    It has come down to being all about her clothes, shoes, jewellery, big hair, and whether or not she is pregnant and how miserable she is because she has to “work” for her goodie bags. Like bribing a little girl – which she pretends to be.

    Well that is not good enough – Brexit is one thing but by the look of it a Republic may well be on the cards after Her Majesty passes.

    By the way, in my travels have come across a book that is about to be published called “Game of Crowns” by Royal Biographer Christopher Andersen – this little beauty is a tell all about the nasty cat fight between Middleton and Camilla which dates back to middleton NOT be allowed to attend Charles wedding to Camilla even though middleton was bill’s girlfriend. It has come out that middleton holds grudges until the end of time – which would explain why Prince Charles and Camilla are being kept at arms length from the spoilt George and Charlotte. Also Prince Harry is not a fan of middleton’s either no matter how much they try to sell it – the brother’s are nowhere near as close anymore.

    One other thing that is that Camilla has been appointed to the Privy Council (an inner sanctum group to which Charles and Bill Middleton are on) but middleton’s nose is out of joint, fuming to be exact about it – because she considers herself, big willy and the rugrats as the Favourites of the Queen. She was pissed and so was billy boy when the Queen told William to stand up and get to his feet on the balcony when he was fussing with George, and the Queen gave George a look that said it all.

    So all in all – though I have been “at sea” – if I am in range I try and get what news I can but middleton is a lost cause.

    She has been shown up by Crown Princess Mary at the Races – now with this absolutely brilliant Vogue article the vindictive side of middleton is out in full force.

    Of course she will show at Wimbledon, for attention of course – but it has been said all along that the only reason she does engagements is because she was called out for being lazy and so was her gormless husband, and thus ordered to get out there.

    I am of the minority, I do not feel sorry for her in any way at all. She stalked bill for 10 years to snatch a dead woman’s ring, well there is a price to pay for greed and unfortunately the Royals, landed gentry and anyone else taking more than they give will suffer the same referendum that has broken Britain apart.

    I am glad Her Majesty is my Queen, I hope Prince Charles and Camilla get their time, I hope Prince Harry finds the love of his life and she will have more substance than bill and kate put together.

    In the meantime – I will go on trying to do the best I can for the people around me, try and get home before Christmas, and hope that when the walls come crashing down on the Anmer Hall Inmates that they realise they brought it upon themselves. Privilege means responsibility.

    Enough of my rant – sorry it is so long, apologies if I offend anyone –

    I am too tired to care anymore about this vain person and her self indulgent attitude and disregard for others.

    A basket full of happiness for you all, I hope that you find joy in whatever you are doing,
    I wish you all the love your hearts can hold…

    The Wild Rose

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