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How to Wear a Shirtdress


  1. Select a shirtdress that looks good on you.There are many different styles of shirtdresses out there and finding the one that accentuates your skin tone and body shape is vital to wearing it to advantage. Make sure to get a second opinion before buying your shirtdress.
  2. Select the right bottoms.Wearing the right clothing on your legs is just as important as finding the right shirt for your body. Shirtdresses look great with leggings, skinny jeans, or jeggings. Most shirtdresses will be versatile and can be doubled up. However, it is important that you try your shirtdress(es) with multiple styles to see which looks best with what.
  3. Wear the right shoes with it.Like everything, you need the right footwear to pull off the shirtdress. Running and skater shoes, rubber boots, clogs, flip flops, and sandals are definite no-nos. However, a pair of ballet flats, boots (any style, as long as they match your outfit), or heels can look fantastic. Like the bottoms, one pair of shoes will go with a variety of styles but it is still very important that you try them out first with your shirtdress and bottoms for the best results.
  4. Accessorize!Accessories such as belts, necklaces and scarves can do wonders to a plain shirtdress and bottoms. If your shirtdress is not fitted (i.e. baby doll or just a bigger shirt), a belt can really pull it all together. A tasteful bit of jewelry or a matching scarf can also look nice.
  5. Be confident.Sometimes wearing a shirtdress may feel awkward or weird as it is a style that not everyone chooses, though it can be quite trendy. There are also many critics of this style, particularly when paired with leggings. However, as long as you feel good in and about your new outfit, there is no reason for you not to wear it with confidence. When you go out in your shirtdress, remember that you are unique and beautiful, as is this amazing outfit that you have put together. Give it the final accessory of a smile and show your outfit off with confidence.

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  • Wear the belt under your bust area.
  • Don't buy into the lie that bigger girls can't go for this trend! This style can look just as beautiful on plumper bodies. In fact, the more curves the better as the shirtdress with a belt really accentuates body features.
  • Don't over accessorize (i.e. thick belt, bright scarf, and a loud necklace).
  • When wearing leggings or even some jeggings, make sure that your bum is fully covered at all times as otherwise people may catch a glimpse of your underwear line! This definitely takes away the appeal of the shirtdress so please avoid it.
  • If your shirtdress is not fitted it is a good idea to wear a belt with it. Although you may think that a non-fitted shirt makes you look thinner, that is actually not the case and a belt will actually make you look better, especially if you have curves.
  • If you choose to wear a belt, make sure that it suits your body shape. Generally, thinner belts look good on those with a bigger build while smaller women look great in the thicker belts.
  • Be careful about your footwear choice as it can often make or break you!
  • Don't wear socks, especially in another colour, with leggings and flats.

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How to Wear a Shirtdress
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