How To ALWAYS WIN SOLO GAMES in Fortnite - Tips and Tricks

How to Win a Solo Game of Fortnite

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Winning a solo game of Fortnite can be difficult. Fortnite is a battle royale game, so 100 players will be going against each other to try and get the victory royale. Some may say the chances of winning a solo game of Fortnite is 1 in a 100, but it is easier than it sounds.


Setting Yourself Up for Success

  1. Set your controller the way you are most comfortable with.Familiarizing yourself to your controls and buttons is very important so you know what to do in intense situations. When you are engaged in a fight with another player, you don’t want to look down at your controller because this will divert your attention from the screen and what’s going on in the game.
    • Also, make sure to have good earphones connected to your controller. This will provide the best in-game audio for you and will allow you to hear the footsteps of nearby enemies and locate them.
  2. Find a landing spot that will not be populated.Secluding yourself from all the other players will give you time to find good loot and find shield, which will give you assurance, so you don’t die by being shot at without being able to react and find cover.
    • To find a good landing spot where not many players will land, you will need to see the route the bus will take to drop off players on to the map and land away from that route. You can see the bus route before you are on the bus. The bus route is the blue arrows on the map. You should also pay attention to the challenged listed on the left side of your map. If there is a specific challenge that is at a location, it is not recommended to land there because there will most likely be other players landing there to complete the challenge.
  3. Have some type of healing in your inventory and try not to get hit by other players when fighting.Only get into a fight if you absolutely must. If you need more materials or better loot from other players, try not to take any damage and target players that are not as skilled as you are. Try to finish the fight as soon as possible because the noise of your shots will attract other players and you don’t want to be swarmed by players. If you do get damaged by the opponent, having shields or bandages in your inventory can heal you.

Using Strategies During Battle

  1. Hide from other players so they don’t try and fight you.When there are still a lot of players left in the game, you don’t want to create attention to yourself. Creating attention will put you at risk of dying by other players.
  2. Avoid all fights if you are satisfied with the amount of materials you have and if you have the loot you are satisfied with.Getting into unnecessary fights will put you at the risk of dying. You have a better chance of winning if you seclude yourself from everyone else, even toward the end of the game.
    • When you get to the top 10, players are more skilled, so you should be cautious. Hiding in a fort will insure that you will not be damaged by other players, and you will not be wasting your materials by fighting other players. Being away from the center of the circle means there won’t be much attention on you, so you are safer.
    • Hide yourself until there is only one player.
  3. Eliminate the player as quickly as possible if they are that is close to you and engages a fight, and does not leave you alone.If a player is aggressive towards you, and tries to get into your fort, keep building so he won’t be able to come in. if he is still being overly aggressive, catch him off guard and let him into your fort and place a trap. A trap is the safest and quickest way to deal damage to a player in you fort as it does 150 damage. Always assume that all players have 200 health so you are not caught off guard.
  4. Try to eliminate players as safely as possible after you are in the top 5.Toward the end of the game, all the players play cautiously, so the smartest decision to make is to hide in a fort. The best way to move around in the map is to stay away from the center of the circle, decreasing the chances of you getting shot at by enemies.
    • Sneak up on players and deal damage to them.
  5. Do not give a player time to heal after dealing damage to them.To stop the enemy from healing after dealing damage to them, just spam them with shots. Even if they constantly keep building to keep from getting shot at, it’s okay because if they are busy building that means they are not taking time to heal up.
  6. Position yourself so you don’t have to move much, and the enemy is forced to push you.This is especially important when you're down to only one enemy. If you position yourself right, and force the enemy to push you, that means you will be able pressure and deal damage to the enemy without having to worry about getting shot at and damaged, while they are running from the storm. This means that they are pressured by you and the storm.
  7. Pressure the enemy enough to the point where you can eliminate them and get the Victory Royale.You don’t need eliminations to win a game, but sometimes it is necessary. Enjoy getting Victory Royales!

Video: How To Win Your 1st Solo In Fortnite Season 6 | Battle Royale Tips

How to Win a Solo Game of Fortnite
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Watch How to Win a Solo Game of Fortnite video

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