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fashion and lifestyle bloggers over 40 | 40plusstyle.com

Welcome to the fabulous blogging community of 40+ women!

When I set up this site I always wanted to create a stylish outlet for women over 40 and a community where they can all get together and talk about style and life. To that end I have setup a private forum for style course members where we can get together, feature many fabulous 40+ women and style bloggers in our and organise frequent dressing challenges.

Apart from many readers, I have also met lots of bloggers over 40 and I thought it would be great to bring them all together on this site as well.

Although the sites are randomly arranged (with currently at the top), you can easily put the bloggers in alphabetical order by clicking the arrows above a column. You can also search by keyword or arrange by country or name. Great if you want to find out who is blogging in your area!

This list is updated once a month.

As the list was getting very big I have now split the list into Fashion and Style bloggers and Lifestyle bloggers. That last list will be split further into Beauty and Lifestyle.

Please note that I now only accept bloggers who blog in the english language from now on.

If you are an over 40 style blogger, I welcome you to add your site to this list. Just fill in the form below and I will add you as soon as I can.

Please note that your blog needs to be at least 2 months old, needs to have been updated in the recent month and have at least 20 blog posts. Also note that I will only accept personal blogs. If your website or blog is mainly commercial, then please  instead.

I would appreciate if you can link back to this page so other 40+ women can easily discover new bloggers. I have .

If you notice any broken links or blogs that have not been updated since a year, please let me know as I like to keep this list error free and up-to-date.

If you like to get to know the most stylish 40+ bloggers a bit better, be sure to check out the , where more than 60 bloggers share all their style secrets!

Happy blogging and I look forward to meeting you on the web!

Fashion and style bloggers over 40

Blog name First name Country (state) 40+Style Interview Sylvia Singapore/Netherlands Greetje Netherlands Suzanne Canada Judith US (CO) Misja Netherlands Josephine UK / France Annette Germany Pam US Anne US (MI) Valerie and Jean US (NY) Melanie Canada Sacramento Spain Deborah Australia Nikki US (GA) Catherine UK (England) Nora US (CA) Patti US (MI) Lynn US (NY) Debbie US (CA) Alice US (CA) Pamela (US (UT / TX) Carelia US (NC) Lissy US (MA) Suzanne US (CA) Susan US Alicia US Jamie US Jeannie US Susan US (CA) Ana US (CO) Glenda Kirsten Germany Dawn Lucy US (CA) Trina US (Utah) Kristin UK (Scotland) Heather US (CA) Ann Hongkong Souri Australia Beverly US (CA) Latrenia US (FL) Angie US (WA) Joanna US (GA) Eugenia US (PA) Ann US Natalia US (WA) Tiina Finland / UK Bella US (WA) Georgette US (PA) Nicole USA (AK) Tamera US (CA) Sue Canada Dorrie US (NV) Shelley Canada Susana US (FL) Delilah US (CO) Victoria US (WA) Cathy US (TN) Beth US (CA) Lena Portugal Rachael US (IN) Nicole US (TN) Suzy UK and Portugal Jacqueline UK (England) Laura Netherlands Olga Russia Karen US (CT) Martina Czech republic Emmalyn US (CA) Lori Audrey US (AL) Irmin Netherlands Lisa Paula US Tracey Canada Nancy US (IN) Sarah UK Claire UK Susie US (FL) Iris US (CA) Troy US (GA) Marzena Ireland Erin US (TX) Ines Germany Jennifer US (CO) Linda Canada Sunny Germany Anna Australia Pao Margaret US (NY) Brett US Ana Shelley US Tammy Zee Debbi Desiree Anne UK Martina Austria Gail UK Catherine Belgium Joice US (NJ) Kim US (CA) Suzanne Australia Sonja Netherlands Samantha Scotland Lorna UK Shams US (CA) Ashley US (MI) Reva Melek Turkey Renita Fernanda Melissa Janet Java Sabine Germany Cesarina Dominican Republic Elizabeth US (GA) Laura Jill Australia (TA) Suzanne US (CA) Małgorzata Poland Gina Carrie US (TX) Amy Israel Sian UK (North Wales) Alease Bella Elle UK Cathy US (CA) Kitty Amber Helga Petra Netherlands Suzanne Yvonne Trayci Audrey Isabelle US (NY) Genece & Patricia US (IL / NV) Sarah Anne Marie UK (England) Tinyjunco Nicole Debbie US (WI) Trystan Carla Denise Lisa Elena Laura US (CA) Laura Jenni New Zeeland Sheila Nancy Christel Cynthia US (TX) Laura Dawn US (MD) Carol US (WA) Mary US (IN) Carrie Deborah Canada Angie Margy US (CA) Monica Norway DeeDee Lynn Lorraine Scotland Yvonne Switzerland MaryBeth Anne Mavjen US (PA) Joely US (KS) Beata UK (London) Paul Mary Beth Nicolene South Africa Debbie US (PA) Sharon US (NJ) Evelyn US (MN) Zuma US (CA) Maricel US (CA) Maria UK (England) Chrissie Germany Donnachloe Karen Lisa US (WA) Kelly Heidi US (MD) Tracy Veronica US (CA) Violet US (NH) Jennifer US (NC) Imogen Australia Kristen Kim US Nicolene Wendy South Africa Jan Sharon US (NY) Cathy Jane UK Judy US (TX) Terri Stephanie USA (TX) Vicki Australia Jane Tanja Germany Julie US (CA) Rachel Laurie Fiona UK Sari Finland Jacqueline US (CA) Hope Australia Denise US (FL) Natasha Diane UK (N.Ireland) Lisa US (KS) Maggie US (IL) Jennifer US (IL) Lynne Allison Australia Karen US (FL) Gigi Lori US (TX) Patricia Canada Cherie US (NJ) Cherie Caroline Australia (Melbourne) Lisa Lennkh UK (England) https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-achieve-a-style-that-sparkles-a-style-interview-with-lisa/ Shon US (SC) Wendy US Darlene US (NM) Laura Lauren US (CA) Jaime Israel Emma UK (England) Jeannine US (NJ) Nikki Australia (Queensland) Jen Julia Greece Claire UK DaVonne US (MD) Susan Gill UK Jennie US (SC) Ulla-Marie Veshoevius Vicky UK Tammy LoveT Austria Diane Tracey Australia Kari Kaffesoester Denmark Elle Nicole Russia Claudeen Laurie UK (England) Vix Tracey US Jill Gunda Germany Lea Wendy Glenyse Justine US (CA) Janie Denmark Lucy US (OK) MaryMichele US (NC) Bridget US (MO) Laurie UK Jessica US (PA) Tania US (VA) Sheree US (TX) Laura US (CA) Janis US Monica Netherlands Linda US (BC) Jonet US (SC) Nancy Netherlands Rena US (CA) Susan US (MA) Anna UK Steph Germany Tamara US (TX) Jaymie US (MI) Victoria & Carlen Cori Goody Cynthia Claudie US (NJ) Jess US (NC) Nadia Nicolette and Desiree Netherlands Tina Germany Diana Australia (Sydney) Tone Norway Lucy US (NY) Suzanne US (PA) Vicky Australia Spicchlodiluna Italy Laurie Christine Mette Denmark Erica US (AL) Tracy Michelle Uk Claire Justine Silvia US (CA) Kirsten US (IL) Andrea, Cathy, Pat US (TX) Kristen US (CO) Jennifer Sevi Netherlands Elaine US (CA) Nanne Norway Maggie Alyssa MCarmen Spain Deborah US (ID) Barb Julia Rees UK/ France Jacqui United Kingdom Veronica Cid California Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Washington DC Archana Kacker India Jessica L NJ/NYC Sabine Gimm Terri Gardner Missouri, USA Olga, Nicki , Ornella of myonolifestyle Greece Bettye Rainwater Long Island, NY Elizabeth Yeowart England Michelle Tyler London Susan Hinesley Atlanta, GA E'Beth Goad Okinawa, Japan Nancy Baten Netherlands Jodie Filogomo US (CO) Tracey Dale Los Angeles Marzena Fabisiak Polska Oliva Style Croatia Joanna Avant Richmond, VA Maureen Kocsis Monika Börsch Germany anti-agingonlyanumber Annette Quinet Ottawa Canada Monika Börsch Germany Rosemary Davis Gainesville, Fl USA Jane Lee Hongkong Lynn Holland North West England Linda Solimine Hudson Valley, NY Gr Nascimento Brazil Renate Zott Frankfurt Erika Calderas San Antonio, Texas Debbie Jones Texas Dianna Miller U.S. Pranome van den Oord Eindhoven, Netherlands Corki Delosreyes Valencia California Sarah Smith England, U.K Susy McDonald Wichita, KS Gina Ward USA

Lifestyle bloggers over 40

Blog name Cat. First name Country (state) 40+Style Interview Lifestyle Anja Netherlands Beauty Denton US (NY) Lifestyle Lisa US (CA) Lifestyle Mirabai US Lifestyle Tomye Lifestyle Angelina Lifestyle Primus Lifestyle Frances Lifestyle Marina Lifestyle Ofella US (FL) Lifestyle Mercedes US (MI) Lifestyle Tracy US (CA) Lifestyle Mirabai Lifestyle Bridgit UK Lifestyle Becky US (CA) Lifestyle Lynn US (GA) Lifestyle Jennifer Lifestyle Trina US (TX) Lifestyle JT US (MA) Lifestyle Sonja Germany Lifestyle Lifestyle Laura US (AK) Lifestyle Michelle US (TX) Lifestyle Moppi Germany Lifestyle Karen Lifestyle Rachel US (CA) Lifestyle Michelle UK Lifestyle Jane Lifestyle Julie US (CA) Lifestyle Claudia US (FL) Lifestyle Sheela US (TX) Lifestyle Arabella US (NM) Lifestyle Justine US (CA) Lifestyle Cynthia US (MI) Lifestyle Robin Lifestyle Rosemund US (CA) Lifestyle Jessica Lifestyle Shalunya US Lifestyle Mimi Lifestyle Nadine UK Lifestyle Annette Denmark Lifestyle Donatella Lifestyle Susan New Zealand Lifestyle Denedriane Lifestyle Tammy US Lifestyle Rhoda US (GA) Lifestyle Laura Uk Lifestyle Sue Australia Lifestyle Caroline Lifestyle Sparkle US (IL) Lifestyle Nana Germany Lifestyle Sandra US (MN) Lifestyle Janet Australia Beauty Laura US Lifestyle Heidi UK Beauty Natasha South Africa Lifestyle Yvonne Germany Lifestyle Denise US (OR) Beauty Nik UK Beauty Allison US (MA) Lifestyle JT US (MA) Lifestyle TC US (KS) Lifestyle Ellen US (CA) Lifestyle Asnette US (FL) Lifestyle Carolann Lifestyle Nilla Sweden Lifestyle Susan Lifestyle Mardel Lifestyle Shani France Lifestyle Beryl Lifestyle Saraspunza Lifestyle Carrie US (PA) Lifestyle Dana Germany Lifestyle Shirly UK Lifestyle Rita Italy Lifestyle Kelly Lifestyle Jen Lifestyle Becca Lifestyle Jennifer Lifestyle Barbara US Lifestyle Marye Beauty Deb Lifestyle Monica Lifestyle Kim & Chloe US Lifestyle Joan US (MA/NY) Lifestyle Cherie Lifestyle Sue Spain Lifestyle Lifestyle Kim US (CA) Lifestyle Monic Canada Lifestyle Nikki US (MI) Lifestyle Maureen Lifestyle Elaine US (OH) Lifestyle Susan Lifestyle Naqia Canada Lifestyle Darryle US (CA) Lifestyle Jennifer US (CA) Lifestyle Cyrillynn Lifestyle Beate Germany Lifestyle Cathy Lifestyle Michelle US (TX) Lifestyle Laura Belgium Lifestyle Amy US (WI) Fashion Amy Israel Lifestyle Ana Paula Brazil Lifestyle Stephanae US (PA) Lifestyle Jamie Lifestyle Teresa US (MO) Lifestyle Diana Denmark Lifestyle Dee US (DC) Lifestyle Dorothy Lifestyle Belen Spain Lifestyle Lifestyle Tonya Lifestyle Gianna Lifestyle Madeco France Lifestyle Linda Canada Lifestyle Kimberley US (NE) Lifestyle Camilla US (NJ) Lifestyle Dez US Lifestyle Carmen Australia Lifestyle Marnie Australia Lifestyle Tish Lifestyle Mariama US (NY) Lifestyle Joelle Canada Lifestyle Dalia Mexico Lifestyle Paula Lifestyle Jody New Zealand Lifestyle Heather Lifestyle Maria Spain Lifestyle Lifestyle Paula Beauty Jo Lifestyle Jessica Lifestyle Connie US (CA) Lifestyle Antoinette US Lifestyle Rachel Ann Lifestyle Stacey US (AL) Lifestyle Taylor Lifestyle Monica Lifestyle Kel Beauty Lisa UK Lifestyle Karena Lifestyle Marissa US (CA) Lifestyle Amy US (MA) Lifestyle Judy US (FL) Lifestyle Canada lifestyle Holly Lifestyle Leslie Canada Lifestyle Shana US (AR) Lifestyle Valérie Germany Lifestyle Jyothi US ( NY) Lifestyle Lor US (MN) Beauty Jules UK (Scotland) Lifestyle Abigail Lifestyle Sharon UK Lifestyle Vicki UK (England) Lifestyle Margot US (PA) Lifestyle Holli Lifestyle Carrie US (FL) Lifestyle Michaela Gemany Beauty Marion Germany Lifestyle Suzanne US (UT) Lifestyle Robyn Lifestyle Catherine UK Lifestyle Lifestyle Jodell US Lifestyle Sherry US (PA) Lifestyle Christine US (TN) Lifestyle Lisa Lifestyle Margaret Beauty Melissa US (FL) Lifestyle Bethany US (MD) Beauty Allison Lifestyle Pam Lifestyle Staness US Lifestyle Anette Denmark Lifestyle Karen US (CA) Lifestyle Audrey Lifestyle Lindsay Canada Lifestyle Vicky Lifestyle Vahni US Lifestyle Susan Canada Lifestyle Kimberly Lifestyle Cheryl US (ID) Lifestyle Rachel Australia Beauty Cindy Lifestyle Christine UK (England) Lifestyle Heather Lifestyle Lizzie US (MO) Lifestyle Alison US (MA) Lifestyle Debi Lifestyle Shellie US (FL) Lifestyle Laurie Lifestyle Ellen US (VT) Lifestyle Kia & Gigi US (CA) Lifestyle Terr US (TX) Lifestyle Alison UK (Madeira) Lifestyle Teri US (MO) Beauty Kim US (VA) Lifestyle Debbie UK Lifestyle Cindy US Lifestyle Lotty-Marie UK Lifestyle Andrea UK (London) Lifestyle Darlene US (TX) Lifestyle Michelle US (AZ) Lifestyle Louise Canada (ON) Lifestyle Jules UK Lifestyle Annette Australia Lifestyle Lily US Lifestyle Joyce US (MA) Shop Daphne US (SC) Lifestyle Izzy Ireland Yonks Lifestyle Di UK (Wales) Lifestyle Jenn Lifestyle Pella US (CA) Lifestyle Canada Lifestyle Natashia US (SC) Lifestyle Kari US Lifestyle Tami US (CA) Lifestyle Diane US Lifestyle Heather US (CA) Lifestyle Ericka Lifestyle Pearl Lifestyle Natalie US (AZ) Beauty Meli US (NY) Lifestyle Marsha US (TX) Lifestyle Elle UK Lifestyle Lifestyle Lynette Lifestyle Anita US (NY) Lifestyle Ana US (NJ) Lifestyle Uschi Germany Lifestyle Mrs C Dubai Lifestyle Louise UK (England) Lifestyle Nicola UK Lifestyle Laura Lifestyle Sara Israel Lifestyle Lisa Lifestyle Laura Lifestyle Debbie UK Lifestyle Esther US (AZ) Lifestyle Kelly Lifestyle Veronika US / Austria Lifestyle Kathi US (NJ) Lifestyle Lisa Lifestyle Antonia Beauty Joke Netherlands Lifestyle Susan Lifestyle Andrea Brazil Lifestyle Kim Lifestyle Amy US (CA) Lifestyle Lisa US (CT) Lifestyle Jackie US Beauty Alyssa US (CA) Lifestyle Judy US Lifestyle Rachel Lifestyle Sarah-Jane Australia Lifestyle Dan Lifestyle Adrienne Lifestyle Lisa Lifestyle Kara Lifestyle Lisa Lifestyle Stephanie US (OH) Lifestyle Tina US (WA) Lifestyle Joannie US (CA) Fashion Michelle Uk Lifestyle Elsie Australia Lifestyle Rosetta Lifestyle Jenny Lifestyle Maricia US (TX) Lifestyle Giulia Italy Lifestyle Suzie Lifestyle Melissa US (MI) Lifestyle Constance US/NY Beauty Canie Lifestyle Donna Lifestyle Valerie UK (London) Lifestyle Evelyn US (WW) Lifestyle Nina Greece / US (CA) Lifestyle Margit US (NY) Lifestyle Nadia US (NV) Lifestyle Jane Lifestyle Natasha Lifestyle Carina Sweden Lifestyle Rosemond US (CA) Lifestyle Sheyla Brasil Lifestyle Maga Poland Lifestyle Margot US (PA) Lifestyle Lynn UK Lifestyle Becky US (CA) Lifestyle Johanna Australia Lifestyle Cyn US (MA) Lifestyle Sylvia US (TX) Lifestyle Leslie US (TX) Beauty Sara Leyser Bromley/Beckenham Lifestyle Kery Jackson California (CA) Lifestyle Mary Louise Hagler Georgia Lifestyle Sylvia Torres-Smith Texas Lifestyle Catherine Urbanski Phoenixville, PA
Lifestyle Angel Wilson US Lifestyle Ulla Gaudin New Orleans Beauty Catherine Urbanski Philadelphia, PA Lifestyle Anna Marcus Sydney Australia Lifestyle Katrina Heptonstall Sydney Lifestyle Joan Tamburini Kansas city Lifestyle Becky Hellwig Germany Lifestyle Neti Primus Florida, USA Lifestyle Candy Costas Boston, MA Beauty CC Kane New York Lifestyle Marisa Hare Campbell, CA Lifestyle Laurie Fellezs New York, NY Beauty Susie Riddell Australia Lifestyle Alexa Croft Colorado Lifestyle Sarah Gorlov UK Lifestyle Rebecca Olkowski Los Angeles Lifestyle Joey Viljoen Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lifestyle Jeanne Washburn New Mexico USA Beauty Bonnie Diczhazy Cleveland, OH Beauty Ana Millet Fort Lauderdale, FL Lifestyle Hilda Smith Dublin, Ireland Lifestyle Maricia Johns Fort Worth, Texas Lifestyle Glam after 40 Virginia/USA Lifestyle Ursula Smigalski Germany Lifestyle Browyn Flaherty Mexico Lifestyle Deborah Llewellyn Wales Lifestyle Susie Riddell Australia Lifestyle Stephanie Robertson U.S. Lifestyle Lisa White Chicago, Illinois, USA Lifestyle Elena Proksch Lifestyle Elena Daciuk San Mateo, CA Beauty Nisha Warren Lifestyle Adrienne Lawrence Katonah, NY Lifestyle Birgit Bergmann Heidelberg/Germany Lifestyle Diana Seidler Diana Seidler Lifestyle Cat Daniel Essex Lifestyle Wendy Hodgson Manchester, UK Lifestyle Debbie Ross North Carolina Lifestyle Louise Cook California Lifestyle Karen Tarver Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, California Lifestyle Tomeka Haywood Los Angeles, CA Lifestyle Melissa Williams Fresh Air and False Lashes Lifestyle Janet Earling-Bencivenni Baltimore, MD Lifestyle Pam Lifestyle Susana Lopes-Snarey Australia Beauty Rachel Matos Los Angeles, CA Lifestyle Hilda Smith Ireland Lifestyle Maria Menasce Brasil Health April Williams USA Health and Beauty Diane Penelope Kennedy Mosman, Sydney, Australia Lifestyle Melissa Williams Utah Health Niki Wibrow Essex Lifestyle Jaime Kay Lozada Anchorage, Alaska Lifestyle Lissette Ambrosio Houston Lifestyle Hilary Lorenzo Florida Lifestyle Becky Smith Manteo,NC Lifestyle Maren Göschel Munech Beauty and Lifestyle Shirley Stamou Brazil Lifestyle Marcia Johns Texas

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