Mens dress shirt 2018

Date: 19.10.2018, 03:03 / View: 72235

Timeless Style

Edwardian-era aristocrats considered themselves custodians of their estates, and therefore did not necessarily feel the need to follow the interior-design trends of the day. (The latest fashions from Paris and London, on the other hand, were a must-have.) They would likely have approved of architect Ken Tate’s own home, which proves that as Yves St. Lauren once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” In this room, a 1910 Bosendorfer piano plays to a hand-carved angel from Italy and piano bench from India, inlaid with bone and horn. “We buy things that we like,” Tate says, “and put them down somewhere and see if they relate to the other things around them. If they don’t, we’ll move them until they do.”

Architect: Ken Tate

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