Newsforever 21 launches simpsons inspired collection

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Cardi B Arrested

Bella Breakdown Cardi B has been all over the map lately. She made headlines after a high profile fight with Nicki Minaj during Fashion Week. She of course has been slaying it as a new Mom. But this latest headline doesn’t look so great for the 25 year old rapper. On Monday, October 1st, Cardi B turned herself in to New York City police for her involvement of a fight at an NYC strip club. Cardi turned herself in for an alleged assault and reckless endangerment against two bartenders at the strip club. Supposedly Cardi was upset because one of the women had apparently had sex with Cardi’s husband, Offset, of the group Migos. It was reported by the...

What To Do With Those Old Clothes

Bella Breakdown You might look into your closet and see that it is absolutely packed to the brim with clothes that you definitely don’t want to wear any longer. But it seems like a waste doesn’t it? To just trash all of those clothes. Here are a few ideas when you’ve found yourself with heaps of clothes you no longer want to wear. 1. Donate Them Donating clothing you no longer wear is always a great idea. That way you know that someone is getting good use out of them, and likely needs that clothing a lot more than you do. 2. Sell Them There are so many ways to sell your old clothing. A newsforever 21 launches simpsons inspired collection lot of apps, such...

Netflix Stocks Up For October

Bella Breakdown October is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you but I pretty much like to indulge in all things horror and macabre up until ‘All Hallow’s Eve’. If there is a cheesy haunted house marathon on TV, rest assured I am watching it. My go-to streaming service, much like the rest of the worlds, is Netflix. Netflix is definitely not skimping on all things horror when it comes to shows and movies. Check out all of the awesome stuff coming to Netflix this October. 1. Creeped Out A Netflix Original, kids anthology of creepy stories about ghosts, weird neighbors, and odd happenings with technology. 2. Truth or Dare Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey star...

Fall Fashion Trends

Most people would agree that Fall is the best season for fashion. It’s no longer too hot to skimp on the clothing, nor is it too cold to bundle up so no fashion is seen whatsoever. There are a lot of awesome fashion trends to look forward to this season. 2018’s Fall fashion trends are totally Instagram-worthy, and perfect for when you go out to the pumpkin patch, hay rides, or whatever strange niche, Fall thing you’ll be doing come October. The first is plaid. Hello ‘Clueless’. Don’t be afraid to bring back plaid jackets and pants. There are a lot of really cute plaid fashions in all kinds of colors. Speaking of jackets, be sure to rock your...

Awesome Couples Costumes For Halloween

Bella Breakdown As October rounds the corner, you might excitedly be daydreaming about all of the possible costumes you can wear to parties, work, or school. It is especially exciting if you have a significant other or just really clingy best friend that you’ll want to team up with this Halloween to kill it with an awesome costume. So if you have a buddy this Halloween, here are some great costumes to try! 1. Bob Ross & A Happy Little Tree Dressing up as Bob Ross and one of his happy little trees is an awesome costume. Creative and hilarious! 2. Goose & Maverick Grab a zip up smock and some aviators and you are the dynamic duo from...

newsforever alt="JaxKelly’s Crystal Candle Collection Has A Hidden Surprise Inside!">

JaxKelly It’s the little things in life that I like to cherish the most. I love coming home after work to turn on my favorite candles and cuddle up on my couch with a book by the fire. Especially as fall is approaching, nothing is better then having a good candle by your side. Recently, I have been focusing on awareness. I am trying to really focus on becoming aware of my actions, thoughts and even purchases. Believe it or not every purchase matters and it’s important who you are supporting. Do they have good values? Am I buying from a company who is just in it for the wrong reasons? When I was searching for new candles as...

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