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08 / 19 / 2014

Official Music Video "Entendez Vous"

"It's a story of a past time, just out of a dream
Just a lie or maybe truth, for those who want to hear"
I'm happy to share the music video of my new song "Entendez Vous" with you...
Hope you'll like it ;-)

08 / 18 / 2014

Concert - Café de la Danse - Paris

We will be performing in Paris @ "Le Cafe de la Danse" on december 17 & 18 2014.
I will perform the songs of the new album "La Fiancée" with my quintet.
We would be very happy to share this special moment with you.
Booking is now open! (please book in advance to make sure your seat is reserved in this beautiful parisian venue!)

07 / 28 / 2014

I give you my new song "Entendez Vous"!

I'm glad to give you as a present the acoustic version of my song " Entendez Vous".
You can easily download it for free by following this link :

See you real soon!

06 / 24 / 2014

"Entendez Vous " Live Session & Lyrics Video

I'm glad to share with you a live acoustic version of my new song "Entendez Vous"
We recorded it with nine talented musicians a few days ago in a beautiful abbey in the countryside near from Paris. Hope you'll like it!
There is also a Lyrics Video available for the song on Youtube

06 / 23 / 2014

Release of my new Single "Entendez Vous"

My new album will be released in a couple of months, but I'm happy to announce that the first song from this new CD is available since June 23
I'm very happy to share it with you...

Original artwork Sylvie Berthelot/DieFrau for Polydor

04 / 28 / 2014

French singer & composer Stanislas New album

French musician and singer Stanislas new album has been released on April 28.
I'm really impressed with the sound, melodies & arrangements. It's a very beautiful album.
My favorite songs are "Le Zouave" & "Septembre" but to be honest I like all the songs on this CD...
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I'm singing and playing the harp on the song "Les Nuits Urbaines".
I feel very honored to have my name on such a beautiful project.

03 / 05 / 2014

Let's meet in Greenland!!!

Let's meet on board thanks to the wonderful "Compagnie du Ponant" for a concert series during the "Kangerlussuaq - Québec" Cruise next september.
Can't wait to there and share some music with you in the middle of Greenland wonderful landscapes...
Hopefully we will meet polars bears!
infos & booking for the cruise :

02 / 17 / 2014

"Land of the Bears" soundtrack album

The soundtrack album of "Land of the bears" has been released on feb. 26!

Movie release on feb 26 2014.
I'm happy to share the very first song of the album with you:

And here is the acoustic version of the song - recorded a few weeks ago in a nice church near Chartres :

CD available online :

12 / 13 / 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Joyeux Noël et meilleurs voeux! Nedeleg laouen ha bloavezh mat! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto! Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! ¡ Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo! E gleckika Wïnachta - E glecklichs Nej Johr!
There still are some gigs to perform before the end of the year and before we "hibernate" for a few weeks and start to set a few harp chords on new songs.
On December the 18th will be released in Japan the "Ghibli Set II" album by the Japanese DJ Daihi Dance. He once again made me the honor of featuring his album with a very kawai cover of Arrietty's Song.
On February the 26th 2014 the movie Terre des Ours (Paramount) will be shown on French screens.
I've composed for that film a few songs and music, and the French actress Marion Cotillard provides the voice-over for that gorgeous, 3D wildlife film.
I wish you all with a little advance a very Merry Christmas, parfois fall / winter 2018 catalogue in a warm home I hope with your family or friends, and I send you many hearty thoughts for this new year to come that we are soon to rush in!
Sincerely yours
Cecile Corbel

09 / 10 / 2013

Next Event : Autumn 2013 events

- september 19-29 2013 : on the sea - from Quebec to Boston - concerts on bord
- october 12 2013 : Rennes (35)
- october 13 2013 : Le Pellerin (44) - Festival Celtomania
- october 16 2013 : Festival Graines des Toiles - Gerardmer (88)
- october 18 to november 4 2013 : German Tour 2013
- november 23 2013 : Nancy (FR-54)
- november 29 2013 : Pithiviers (FR-45) SOLD OUT!!!
- november 30 2013 : Fouesnant (BZH-29)
- december 8 2013 : Reims (FR-51)
- december 21 2013 : Paris (FR-75) SOLD OUT!!!
check our other concerts on this website's concert page.

09 / 09 / 2013

Let's stay in touch!

To stay informed about the concerts, events and last news, you can visit this website regurlarly or also subscribe to the official newsletter.
We also have an official facebook page with many pictures and infos that are regularly updated...
See you online!

07 / 20 / 2013

Fleur de mer in Japan

I'm glad to announce a new collaboration with Japan ; it's not about music this time, but the promotion of 100% natural beauty products with sea-weed ingredients made in Britanny, for Japan.
I'm proud to embody and promote the brand "Fleur de Mer'' in Japan and to show once again the strong links between Britanny and Japan and the vitality of my home region.
You should be able to find these products in France too.
Good news for us girls! But boys can also have a look at them, right? And get some gift ideas for their beloved.. or their mum!

06 / 20 / 2013

!!! Album SongBook vol4 -Roses available!!!

The new album is available from now on, on our online Cd shop!

2 nice "SongBook vol4 - Roses" postcards free with any order (while stocks last)

06 / 01 / 2013

Garden District...New Music Video

Our New music video is now live on Youtube - Song "Garden District"
(from the album SongBook vol4 Roses" (to be released on june 24 2013)

05 / 21 / 2013

Café de la Danse

The Café de la Danse concert on june 24 in Paris is SOLD OUT!!!
Can't wait to share the new songs with you...
All the other dates of the summer tour are available on the official website

04 / 24 / 2013

A first song from the album now available on Itunes

The first song from the album "SongBook vol 4 Roses" now available on Itunes
This is a very celtic version of The Riddle, by the English songwriter Nik Kershaw.
I've always been fond of this song and its rather esoteric lyrics and catchy melody...
Cecile Corbel - The Riddle

03 / 05 / 2013

You & Me - Sony Music Japan

The album "You & me" was just released on February 20th by Sony Music Japan.
It's a collection of covers of the Japanese singer Yumi Arai (one of the greats of Japanese music, who just celebrated her 40-year career)
I was given the honor of singing two songs for that record, in a very 70s spirit.
I even played the Parisian in front of the Eiffel Tower for the album's release video!

02 / 22 / 2013

Release of the new album "SongBook vol" - Concert Café de la Danse (Paris)

We will be performing in Paris @ "Le Cafe de la Danse" for the release of my new album SongBook vol4 on June 24 2013
We would be very happy to share this special moment with you!
Booking is now open (please book in advance to make sure your seat is reserved in this beautiful parisian venue!)

01 / 24 / 2013

New Musicvideo Making of...

We are now working on the songs from my new Cd - to be released next june (june 24 2013)
Almost all the songs have been composed now and I can't wait to share them with you!
There will be a cover in this new album : A very celtic version of the song "The Riddle", a song that I really like by the english composer Nik Kershaw...more info coming soon!
We're also working on three Music Videos.
I just put some snapshots from the first shooting in my journal.
Please have a look and see how brave we are in the middle of a snowstorm!

12 / 17 / 2012

Arrietty in breton langage!

In january 2013 will the movie "The borrower Arrietty" be released in breton, thanks to the amazing work of "Dizale", a breton organisation specialised in dubbing.
Many children in Brittany will see this movie in breton!
It's a first for a Studio Ghibli film.
I'm very happy and proud to announce that I will sing the main song "Arrietty's song" in breton.

11 / 30 / 2012

NEW!!! Music Sheets Collection : SongBook

In case you are a musician yourself, and play the harp, the piano, the guitar... we have just released a new score book for 10 songs from the albums, such as Sans Faire un Bruit, Elisabetha, Le Vent M'emporte, and many others, arranged for harp only or harp and voice, with all the chords and lyrics.
It is available on the online shop.

I hope you'll enjoy playing the tunes!

11 / 29 / 2012

Celtic Cruise

From Lisbon to Reykjavik, from the south to the north, from the "very warm" to the "very cold", from fado to fjords – the magazine Côté Ouest invites you to sail up the Atlantic.The cruise includes unmissable ports of call in Ireland to experience the wild melodies of Connemara, visit misty gardens, and evoke mythical sailors, Celtic legends and Gaelic ballads.

11 / 27 / 2012

New in my Diary

New in my journal(Tour 2012 in Germany) :

09 / 13 / 2012

September 2012

We are glad to appear on the Celtic Music Compilation "Femmes de Bretagne" with an original song (Keltia Musique)

08 / 03 / 2012

Brocéliande, La Porte des Secrets

Inauguration of "la porte des secrets" and private concert on september 15 2012 in Paimpont Abbey(Brocéliande)
I'm very glad to be involved in this beautiful project
more info coming soon

07 / 05 / 2012

CD/DVD signing - Japan Expo 2012

July 05 2012
CD & DVD signing - Studio Ghibli booth (BH02) - Japan Expo 2012 from 3 to 5 PM

06 / 21 / 2012

New award for Arrietty OST!!!

the OST album of ARRIETTY has won the "Best Sales Film and TV soundtrack, Instrumental or Multi-Artist" prize in 2011.
It is the 3rd time for Studio Ghibli OST Album to win this award.

03 / 16 / 2012

Arrietty's song - Best song 2011

"Arrietty's song" was awarded today best song 2011 at the 19th Anime & Manga award ceremony organised by Animeland (French magazine about manga)

02 / 17 / 2012

SongBook vol3 available on Itunes US

My New album "SongBook vol3" is now available on Itunes :
Cécile Corbel - Songbook vol.3

02 / 17 / 2012

Arrietty release in the United States

"The Secrets world of Arrietty" will be released on february 17 in the USA (Buena Vista)
The original soundtrack is available on Itunes

You can also find my song collection available on Itunes US :
Cecile Corbel - the Cecile Corbel Collection
Or on our online Cd shop (worldwide delivery):

01 / 29 / 2012

Celtic Cruise

Celtic Cruise (Brittany, England, Scotland, Ireland...)
from september 1rst to september 13 2012

12 / 13 / 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

Joyeux Noël et meilleurs voeux! Nedeleg laouen ha bloavezh mat! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto! Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! ¡ Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo! E gleckika Wïnachta - E glecklichs Nej Johr!
We gave our last concert of the year on december 10...
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Happiness and inspiration for all of you for year 2012!
See you real soon!
Yours truly.
Cécile Corbel

12 / 05 / 2011

CD Collection

For Christmas, "Keltia Musique" makes a new relase of the 3-CD box containing my first 3 albums.
Limted Edition - 1000 copies
Available on my online shop

09 / 28 / 2011

french DVD of Arrietty and Image album

French release of Arrietty "Image-album" and of Arrietty DVD on september 28 2011

08 / 26 / 2011

Cecile's journal

New on my journal :
pictures and memories from our summer tour 2011 in Brittany

06 / 21 / 2011

Summer concerts 2011

info available on my "concerts" page
20 / 07 / 2011 Quimper (BZH)
21 / 07 / 2011 Quimper (BZH)
21 / 07 / 2011 Quimper (BZH)
22 / 07 / 2011 Locmiquélic (BZH)
23 / 07 / 2011 Cesson Sevigné (BZH - 35)
29 / 07 / 2011 Stotzheim (FR - 67)
03 / 08 / 2011 Quistinic - Poulfetan (BZH)
04 / 08 / 2011 Landevennec (BZH)
05 / 08 / 2011 St Hilaire de Riez (FR-85)
06 / 08 / 2011 Penestin (BZH)
07 / 08 / 2011 La Chapelle Launay (FR-44)
08 / 08 / 2011 Pont Croix (BZH)
09 / 08 / 2011 Lorient - Show case (BZH-56)
09 / 08 / 2011 Paimpont (BZH-35)
10 / 08 / 2011 Lorient (BZH-56)
13 / 08 / 2011 Audierne (BZH-29)
14 / 08 / 2011 Huelgoat (BZH-29)
14 / 08 / 2011 Guingamp (BZH-22)
19 / 08 / 2011 Colmar (FR -68)
20 / 08 / 2011 Aachen (DE)
21 / 08 / 2011 Marbach (FR-68)
22 / 08 / 2011 Ungersheim (FR-68)

05 / 10 / 2011

SongBook vol3 - New Album

"SongBook vol 3" will be available on May 10th on the online shop of the website, that, for the occasion, has taken up the colors the colors of the new album.
Have a look here to discover it exclusively at the website
The new album will be officially released on May 25 (Keltia Musique) and will beavailable in any record shop.

05 / 09 / 2011

The Borrower Arrietty

Arrietty's soundtrack has turned gold disc in Japan and was also awarded best original soundtrack for 2010.
We also received the award for the best anime movie soundtrack at the Tokyo Anime Fair.
Arrietty, or an audience that exceded 9 million people in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong... and more that 850 000 in France. The soundtrack is avalaible in France at Kaze Records.

05 / 09 / 2011

Next events Mai 2011

The musicians and I are very proud to promote the new album on stage and to introduce it to you during the many showcases that are planned for the release.
The event list has been updated on the website. You'll also find there the dates for our summer tour and the dates for our tour in Germany at the fall.
may 13: Le Trousse chemise - Langan (35)
may 14 : Church - Dangeau (28)
may 17 : Show case - Maison de la Bretagne - Paris (booking is needed)
may 20-23: Japan - live NHK
may 25 : Official Release of SongBook vol3 - Show case espace culturel Leclerc Ploufragan
may 26: Show case - Quimper (booking is needed)
may 26 : Special guest on France Bleu Breizh Izel - all day
may 27 : Show case - Fnac Nantes
may 28 : CD signing - Ar Vro (Audierne)
may 28 : show case - Fnac Vannes
may 28 : concert - Mamm Kounifl (Locquimelic)
may 31 : TV Rennes & France Bleu Armorique
june 1rst: Show case Espace culturel Leclerc Guilers
june 3rd : Show case Espace culturel Leclerc Crozon
june 4th : Show case Espace culturel Leclerc Quimperlé - 11AM
june 4th : Show case Espace culturel Leclerc Landerneau

05 / 08 / 2011

Amazing voice - NHK - Japan

I'm also glad to announce the broadcasting of a 52-minute documentary on breton music, showing on May 26 on the japanese TV channel NHK.
For that documentary entitled "Amazing Voice", I had the priviledge of being a guide that would present my region.
Several musical sequences were shot, including a song that I could never forget, played solo, just harp and voice, on the windy cliffs of my home region, Cap Sizun.
My harp-maker Marin Lhopiteau as well as Alan Stivell and Yan Fanch Kemener also honored this film with their presence and music.
I'll be in Japan between May 20 and May 23 for a special NHK show around the documentary series.

05 / 07 / 2011

Release of Arrietty in Germany

Arrietty will be released in Germany on June 2nd (Universum)
The soundtrack will also be available then (Wasabi Records)
The movie will be released in Great-Britain during the summer.

01 / 11 / 2011


The french release of "Arrietty, le petit monde des chapardeurs" is drawing near, and I would like to pay hommage to Simon Caby, talented musician and arranger, who's working with me for a long time now.
Without his advices and talents my little melodies would have stayed anonymous. He transformed my songs into jewels. I will always be grateful for this.

12 / 07 / 2010

“Mon carnet de harpe celtique” - NEW

"My celtic harp note-book"
12 easy pieces
for celtic harp & voice
arranged by Cecile Corbel

11 / 13 / 2010

Faerie convention - Baltimore - USA

08 / 26 / 2010

Rock in Japan

 On sale September 10th (Fri.) 2010 ROCKIN' ON JAPAN -October special edition- "ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2010" Gig reports and photos, plus some sneak peaks of the backstage.

08 / 26 / 2010

Tour in Germany 2010

updated schedule!
Fr., 08.10.'10: Aidlingen, Schlosskeller, 20:00 Uhr So., 10.10.'10: Püttlingen (Saarbrücken), Gemeindehaus, Harfenworkshop (13:00-16:00) - Anmeldung und Infos: 06805-7601 So., 10.10.'10: Saarbrücken, Martinskirche Köllerbach, 18.00 Uhr Mi., 13.10.'10: Harfenworkshop, München - Anmeldung und Infos: 089-500 966 53 Do., 14.10.'10: München, ars musica e.V. "Kleines Festival der Weltmusik" & Harfenkurs (bitte frühzeitig anmelden), 20:00 Uhr Fr., 15.10.'10: Darmstadt, Jagdhofkeller, 20:00 Uhr Sa., 16.10.'10: Weimar, Kunstturm, 20:00 Uhr So., 17.10.'10: Weimar, Kunstturm (Matinée, 11:00 Uhr) So., 17.10.'10: Meißen, Theater

07 / 25 / 2010

Summer tour 2010 in Brittany

from Aug 12 to 25
Aug 12 : Abbaye de Landevennec
Aug 14 : show case and CD signing - Ar Vro Audierne 10AM
Aug 14 : nuit de la harpe - festival interceltique de Lorient
Aug 15 : la Foret Fouesnant
Aug 16  : Abbaye de Paimpont
Aug 17 : espace culturel - Pont Croix
Aug 18 : Chapelle Ste Hélène - Douarnenez
Aug 21 : show case and CD signing - Ar Vro Audierne 10AM
Aug 21 :  le Bateau Livre - Penestin 
Aug 22 : Abbaye de Blanche Couronne
Aug 23 : chapelle de Kermouster - Lezardrieux
Aug 25 : village of Poulfetan - Quistinic (56)

07 / 07 / 2010

Songbook1 & Songbook vol 2 release in Japan

Songbook 1 and Songbook vol2 will be released in Japan on July 7th. (Yamaha Music communications)  This is a special edition with a japanese booklet and two unreleased songs ;)

05 / 04 / 2010

New music videos online

Recorded live in Paris with the musicians
"Painted veil" & "An Hini A Garan"
available here:

04 / 07 / 2010

"Kari-gurashi" album release

Japan - april 7 2010
(Yamaha music communications)

12 / 17 / 2009

A Breton Lady in Tokyo

After "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea" The Ghibli Studios just announced that they are working on a new movie, entitled "Karigurashi no Arrietty", directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. Ghibli's movies have always been a great source of inspiration for me, many of them are part of my favorite movies ever : "Spirited away", "My neighbour Totoro" "Princess Mononoke", "Kiki's delivery service" and many more... There is a long list and I can definitely not choose which one is my favorite!
I'm very happy to share the news with you and to announce that I'm composing the soundtrack for this new movie.
This is a great honor and a very nice present for me to be part of this beautiful project, and I'm working on the music and songs composition since May 2009 with my partner and friend Simon Caby.
The movie will be released next summer 2010 in Japan.
The very first teaser will be broadcasted during the Christmas holidays in Japan including the main music theme "Arrietty's song" (digital release in Japan on December 19 2009)
Official website available here :
For now, a lot of travelling between Paris and Tokyo, and a couple of jananese lessons ;)

11 / 23 / 2009

Christmas is coming...

From November 23 to January 1st, to celebrate Christmas our way, for every order in our online shop, we are happy to offer you Cecile's debut album “Harpe celtique et chants du monde” plus some nice greeting cards.

11 / 21 / 2009


Awenet gant Breizh - inspired by Brittany
If you like Brittany, and if you're looking for an original idea for a Christmas gift, you can also have a look at website.
STERED is a young trademark of clothes inspired by Brittany and its culture in a modern and authentic style.

11 / 12 / 2009

Facebook - Myspace

The Myspace page has been updated.
 for  the new pictures.
More pictures and new articles on my Facebook page


11 / 06 / 2009

next concert....

!!!!!En tour in Germany and Alsace from Dec 10 to 14 2009!!!!!
!!!see you also in Brittany on Dec 20.!!!!
All info available in  page "concert"

10 / 15 / 2009

Excalibur Show

Excalibur Show in Germany
from January 2 to 26 2010
I'm very happy to announce that I will take part to the "Excalibur show" in Germany - an Alan Simon project. (feat. Alan Simon, Michael Mendl, Alan Parson, Johnny Logan, les holroyd, John Helliwell, Martin barre, Fairport convention, Jacqui McShee, Conan Mevel, Corvus Corax, James Wood, Judy Weiss, Pat O'May, Luc Bertin, (...)

03 / 13 / 2009

on march 13

On march 13 is the start of a campaign for the liberation of Aung San Suu Kyi and all the political prisonners in Burma.
You can sign this petition online on :

02 / 05 / 2009


New in my Journal...
With the release of my new video « Sweet Song, I’m glad to publish a couple of drawings in my journal.
I’m so happy that my music inspired these wonderful pictures!
Thanks so much to the painters!

01 / 28 / 2009

New Video "Sweet Song"

Discover Cecile new Video "Sweet Song" ("SongBook vol2")...

12 / 29 / 2008

SongBook vol 2 press Review

« Discrètement, mais surement, Cécile Corbel s’impose comme l’une des valeurs sûres du pop folk celtique. La bretonne, qui joue beaucoup à l’étranger, tourne les pages d’un nouveau « songbook » au parfum de légendes.  Le Télégramme fall – 4 décembre 2008 « Mélodies cotonneuses (sans faire un bruit, comptine amoureuse à l’ambiance marine), sens de l’imaginaire et cordes suaves, volumes épointés (« the great selkie » à l’instinct plus épique) (…) tout confine à l’évidence même. S’offre alors une heure de paix totale, de retrouvailles avec soi sur fond de légendes. »  E.  H - D-side – Nov 2008 « Songbook vol 2 plonge l’auditeur dans des histoires de chevaliers, de pirates, de demoiselles amoureuses et d’animaux qui parlent. Des histoires parfois simples et infantiles mais qui font le bonheur de nos âmes rêveuses (…) Un univers celtique sans frontière qui s’affirmera encore un peu plus avec le sublime instrumental « Innocence » et ses sonorités orientales »  Khimaira – Nov 2008 «(…) des chansons qui réunissent douceur, énergie et Imaginaire »  Ouest France – 8 décembre 2008 (…) des histoires d’amours tragiques, des saisons abattues sur les forêts ancestrales, quelques exploits chevaleresques et autres mythes et légendes qui prêtent aux songes.
(…) une World Music façonnée par Peter Gabriel auquel on aurait greffé une voix cousine de Maggie Reilly : un timbre haut, limpide et parfois ombrageux.
(…) Un monde fragile, limpide, où les sens sont en éveil. Où la harpe devient reine.
Chronique songbook vol 2 – Amarokprog – C. D « Aussi envoutante dans son « trip » qu’elle parait si fragile en dehors de la scène, la musicienne au prénom prédestiné a trouvé son chemin. Cécile évolue dans un univers où le rêve trouve sa juste et salvatrice place en notre quotidien formaté »
le Télégramme – 5 décembre 2008

11 / 17 / 2008

SongBook vol 2 /Burma

My new album "SongBook vol 2" will be in french stores from November 17. (distribution Keltia Music RSCD287) and it's now available in my website's shop. 
When buying my new album "SongBook vol.2", you contribute to help Info Birmanie, a french organisation involved in the fight for human rights in Burma. 
They help oppressed people of this country, by making the world more aware of Burma's politic, ecomic and social problems.  Thanks for helping them. 
To keep informed, please visit their website and try not to forget about the Burmese people.  INFO BIRMANIE 
74 rue Notre-Dame des Champs  75006 PARIS  Tél : +33 1 46 33 41 62  E-mail :   Web :

04 / 27 / 2008

Nova Princeska keltiske harfe

"the new princess of celtic harp"
a great review in "Muska"  magazine march -april 2008 - Slovenia

12 / 11 / 2007

cecile's diary

now online
"Anne de Bretagne" - new project with the composer Alan Simon
"November in Poland" - diary of our tour in Poland
"Decembre en Allemagne" - diary of our tour in Poland

05 / 21 / 2007

Cecile's journal

new journal update :
Concerts à the "Olympia (Paris) supporting Laurent Voulzy (may 2007)

04 / 01 / 2007

Estonian Tour

the journal of our tour in Estonia is now online on "Cécile's diary"
french and english version available

03 / 11 / 2007

Sydney morning herald cd review

"Imagine a red haired Celt from Brittany, with  a voice that hovers somewhere between Kate Bush (she can sure reach those higher registers), the purity of Sinead O Connor and the mysticism of Enya and you’ll have a good idea what this remarkable young harpist, arranger of traditional songs and original songwriter sounds like.


Corbel belong to this new generation of European folkies, put her in the same bag as Kate Rusby, Eliza Carthy and Jim Moray -  In the sense that she is happy to take crusty old folk standards and reinvent them for the 21st-century audience.


The most interesting tracks on the album  are the old made new, wich include her rich mix of funky rythm and strings on “she moved through the fair”, the very Enya-ish “the burnt of Auchindoun”, and a tantalizing intermingling of ancient and modern in her version of Robert Burns’ “A red red rose”.
This is the work of a major new talent.
The result is accessible, cutting-edge-folk." BE
Sydney Morning Herald – February the 18th - 2007


02 / 24 / 2007

on the frontier of Siberia

"SongBook1" in Siberia
(...) I am at the moment in the Oural region, in the Komi Republic (...) Your music keeps me company here when it’s -24°C.
The harp definitely fits in these icy landscapes.
Anyway, your music follows me, here on the frontier of Siberia. (...) L.S.
(complete text in the "journal of Cecile")

12 / 19 / 2006

Journal - Australia

online in "le journal de Cecile" (french version) - english coming soon

12 / 12 / 2006

french press...SongBook1

« C.C est à l'image de son chant, limpide, fragile, mais ferme.  Elle part de la tradition bretonne, celle du lamento et du conte magique (...)
Libération – 14 dec. 2006
« Cécile se source à la tradition dont elle rénove les mélodies avec quelques inflexions pop et folk. (…) Elle chante avec une rare grâce »
World MD

« Cécile Corbel chante comme un rossignol »
Libération – 18 nov. 2006
« Avec un savant mélange  de chants traditionnels irlandais et de chansons bretonnes, elle impose un univers enchanteur »
20 minutes 2 nov. 2006
« Un voyage hors du temps »
culturissimo – catalogue espace culturel Leclerc

12 / 08 / 2006

back from Australia

We're just back from our Australian tour. Thanks to all of those who helped us in this tour : keltiamusique, la Spedidam, l'Aliance française d'Adelaïde, harp society of Adelaïde, Stephen Carter (), John and Helen, harp society of Tasmania, Christina Sonnemann (harpist), Margaret, Jenny, John et Ann (...)

11 / 16 / 2006


the album is number 1 in keltia musique's charts in November!

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