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This year trend: checks and plaids

Date: 17.11.2018, 04:37 / View: 94243

Hey everyone! February is almost over, can y'all believe it?! The end of the month is exciting for fans of Polish Pickup because that means the first weekend of the next month the shop is open! For March, books was finally chosen as the theme!

Magic Kingdom For Sale

Inspired by the Landover series by Terry Brooks. 

  A stunning and soft lilac blue with delicate pink flash and filled with gorgeous UCC flakies. 

3 coats. The bigger flakes tend to drag so don't overwork the polish when applying.


Cap: 149  

 Along with the polish, Nail Hoot is again offering her amazing Talon Juice! This is my go to oil year because I love the brush. Soaks in good and leaves my cuticles feeling very loved.
Sold! is a pineapple jasmine blend scent.
Cap: 125
opens March 2nd - March 5th. Shipping in the US is, Canada USD.

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