9 Ways to Style a Twist Out or Braid Out ! ( Natural Curly Hair )

Twist Out Styles & How To Do A Twist Out Tutorial

Twist Out Hairstyles + How To Do A Twist Out

Twist outs are one of the most popular setting styles for natural hair. The term comes from the style being two strand twists that are taken out after a few hours, usually overnight, of setting. The end result is a more defined curl pattern and fullness that looks natural and bouncy. Twist outs limit frizz while maximizing natural shine. The shape of your natural curls are altered because of the twists but not too much were it looks artificial. Each twist out is going to be different depending on the texture and thickness of a person’s hair. Some may experience a fuller result while other may experience more defined, frizz free curls. With the right steps, you can create the perfect twist out for your natural curl or crochet hair.

How To Do A Twist Out on Natural Hair

Twist Out Essential Tips

Doing a twist out is fairly simple but there are essential tips that you should keep in mind with every twist out to guarantee a flawless result.

Always Start With Detangled Hair

To create a twist out that is smooth and uniformed, It is vital that your hair is properly detangled from the ends to the roots. Use a spray bottle of water to moisturize your curls. Apply a cream or oil to add extra slip to help the detangling process along.

Twist From The Roots

This may seem like a simple, obvious step but it is one that many people skip. Twist each section of hair from the root so that the curls are full from beginning to end.

Twirl Or Curl The Ends

The one part of your twists that can totally ruin your style are uncurled ends. The simple solution to this is to twirl your ends around the twist so that they curl with the rest of your hair. Alternatively, you can use perm rod to curl the ends of your twists as well.

Twist Out Step by Step


  1. Detangle your hair from ends to roots using either a detangler spray or water and oil or cream.
  2. Apply a cream based product or butter to seal in the liquid and oil you already applied.
  3. Starting with a small to medium sized section of hair, split into two halves.
  4. Begin twisting at the roots all the way to the ends.
  5. Apply an extra bit of cream or butter to the ends of the hair and twirl around itself or curl with a perm rod.
  6. Continue until entire head of hair is twisted.

Flat Twist Out

  1. Detangle and moisturize your curl the way you would in preparation for a standard twist out.
  2. Determine where you want your part to be once your twists are taken down. Your part can be on the side, in the middle, or only small if you are going to create a bang.
  3. Instead of separating a section of hair, separate a strip of hair vertically or horizontally.
  4. Twist the strip of hair in the same way you would braid down a cornrow.
  5. Seal and twirl the ends around the twist.
  6. Continue until entire head of hair is flat twisted.  

Thick Natural Hair Twist Out

The benefit of having naturally thick curls is that any style will look relatively good. Thick has the perfect pairing for twist outs.

Soft Twist Out


Soft natural hair can be difficult to manipulate as the strands don’t hold up with different styles. However, twist outs work perfectly with a naturally soft and curl texture to create gentle curls that look like they occur naturally.

Frizzy Natural Twist Out

Twist outs help to create more uniformed curls. While that is definitely a plus, there is something absolutely beautiful about curls that have a full, natural frizz about them mixed with pieces of defined curls.

Half Sleek Twist Out

Parting the front of your twist out style and smoothing down either side can add dimension to your style.

TWA Twist Out


Having short natural hair doesn’t mean that you have to be forever committed to a wash and go. Twist outs can look just as amazing on TWAs as it does on longer natural hair.

Fluffy Twist Out

Big, fluffy curls that are a mix of definition and wild curls is beautiful and unique. Once you’ve set your twists, separate them more than usual to create a fluffier, fuller look that is not too defined.

Middle Part Twist Out

There are many different way to part your hair to style it. The middle part is popular because it creates a visually pleasing balance. That can be especially true with curls and twist outs.

Twist Out With Clip Ins

Clip ins are not just for women with straightened hair. If you want to just add some volume to your existing style, clip ins are the way to go. Setting your hair with a twist out can be a great way to help the clip ins blend.

Tiny Twist Out

The results of your twist out completely depends on the way you set your twists. If you want super defined, small curls like this; set your hair with smaller twists.

Combination Twist Out

Standard twist outs require the twists to start at the root and move all the way to the ends with the same level of tightness. However, if you want a fuller look, you can create twists that have a looser, less defined root and tightly coiled ends.

Side Part Twist Out

One of the favorites when it comes to twist outs, a side part creates a beautiful style that is fill in the front with a flattering bang.

No Frizz Two Strand Twist Out

With the right products on hand, you can create a twist out with little to no frizz like this one. It’s all about moisture and keeping the strands even throughout the twists.

Afro Twist Out

For women with very dense hair that forms into an afro easily, twist outs can help to create some texture that breaks up the overall appearance of a crown of hair.

Day Old Twist Out

Another wonderful thing about twist outs is that they hold up well over night. You can re-twist them in larger sections and each day the twists will become fuller and better.

Middle Part Flat Twist Out

A beautiful twist out where the curls lay perfectly can be achieved by doing a flat twist out instead of a traditional one.

Tight Flat Twist Out

For a more tamed twist out look, you can avoid pulling your twists apart too much after you undo them. Your twists will have less frizz and have a tighter, spring like bounce to them.

ASymmetrical Flat Twist Out

Thick curls have a way of sitting on top of each other to create an asymmetrical look. Flat twists that go around the entire head evenly pair well with the natural way curls lay.

Bouncy Flat Twist Out

Doing larger twists when you set your flat twist out can help to create larger, bouncer looking curls. Add a perm rod or roller to make the ends more defined.

Loose Flat Twist Out Waves

Sometimes, the desired look is less curly and more wavy. The best way to acheive this is to make the twists larger and to do the twist out on stretched hair as opposed to freshly washed hair that is still curly.

Chunky Flat Twist Out

Chunky twist outs are great for dense, thick natural hair. The hair is thick enough to hold the curl without them falling apart and creating a frizzy mess.

Small Defined Flat Two Strand Twist Out

Flat twist outs can help to create small, delicate curls that look like they took hours to create. Flat twists are quick to do so the look won’t require too much of a time commitment.

Kinky Flat Twist Out

Natural hair curls are different from other curly textures because of the natural kink the hair has. Instead of trying to fight the kinkiness, work with it to create a unique kinky flat twist out.

TWA Flat Twist Out With Accessories

At the TWA stage of natural hair, dressing it up with a little accessory goes a long way. Accessorizing your TWA after doing a flat twist out can add curl definition as well as a bit of bling.

Deep Middle Part Flat Twist Out

A deep center part can be flattering on many face types and go with different hair textures. Flat twist your hair to accommodate the flat twists.

Flat Twist Out For Thin Natural Hair

Not every person with natural hair can say that they also have thick hair. If you have thinner natural hair, you can still do a flat twist out to create a thicker appearance.

Chunky Flat Twist Bob

A beautiful bob pairs perfectly with a chunky flat twist out. For a chunky flat twist out, use larger sections of hair and separate the twists as little as possible.

Flat Twist Out On Very Short Natural Hair

Short natural hair styles can still look great with a flat twist out. The curls will be more defined and springy.

Twist Out For Dyed Hair

Dying your natural hair can elevate your style and create a unique look that is all your own. This color is interesting because it includes her natural color at the roots, a dark red in the middle, and a lighter color at the ends.

Frizzy Flat Twist Out

Frizz is not the worst thing when it comes to natural hair. This twist out looks perfect with her natural frizz showing through.

Pulled Back Twist Out

Having hair swinging in your face may not be your thing. In that case, consider pulling back the front of your twist out to create a style like this.

Crochet Twist Out

There are endless options available when it comes to crochet twist out hair. This type comes twisted already and looks like the natural twists you’d get after a twist out.

Less Full Crochet Twist Out

Unlike other twist outs, this is a crochet twist out that is a bit less full and lays flatter for a more tame look.

Silver Crochet Twist Out

The best part of crochet twist outs is that you can experiment with color options. This grey and black twist out is original and achievable without damaging your natural hair.

Chunky Crochet Twist Out

For a chunky twist out on crochet hair, it’s best to brush out the crochet hair and retwist it to create the desired look.

Crochet Two Strand Twist Out With Color Block

Instead of dying your natural hair to create a twist out, install crochet braids and create the twist out look with a different color section to get this look.

Blue Ombre Crochet Twist Out

There are plenty of naturals that would love to dye their hair a wild color and do a twist out. But, the damage that comes with that simply is not worth it. This style is possible with crochet twist outs.

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Twist Out Styles How To Do A Twist Out Tutorial
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Twist Out Styles How To Do A Twist Out Tutorial images
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Watch Twist Out Styles How To Do A Twist Out Tutorial video

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