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I have lots and lots of crochet hooks, like I’m sure most crochet-ers do! I was in need of a hair place to put them all, so decided to make a case. Like usual, I searched the web: pinterst, ravelry, facebook, etc. I decided to make my own pattern.

This pattern is posted to ravelry for FREE and can be downloaded at hook-case-14

I originally made this case with Caron Jumbo yarn, just because I had a lot of extra. After months of use, the yarn has stretched. My hooks occasionally fall out. I now think it would be best if used with cotton yarn. Also, make sure you put your hook in the pocket when sewing them, and sew very tight around the hooks.

see update below pattern before making

Crochet Hook Case


F hook

Any yarn

Tapestry needle


Base (optional to make 2 for extra support)

Ch 41
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and across (40)
Row 2-30 (or less rows depending on your Hook length): ch 1 turn, sc in each st across (40)
Fasten off at end of row 30. Measures approximately 26x18cm, it doesn’t have to be exact

Ch 41
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and across (40)
Row 2-16: ch 1 turn, sc in each st across (40)
Do not fasten off Measures approximately 26x10cm

Optional: Place card board, flexible plastic, or card stock between the two base pieces. Anything you have to give it support.

Attaching pieces:
Using where you left off from the ‘pocket’ piece. Ch 1 Holding both 2 (or 3) pieces together sc in each st around. On the sides, I used 1 sc in each row. 2sc in each corner. Once you have made it all the way around, attaching the pieces with the support piece between the bases (if using), sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off, leaving a very long tail for sewing the pockets.

Sewing Pockets:
Using long tail from last fasten off and tapestry needle. Place hook tightly inside pocket against side for guidance on where to sew pocket. My pockets ended up being 4-5 st across. I mostly used the thick
handled crochet hooks for guidance on sewing. I sewed unique blue black hair dye 2018 them tight so they wouldn’t fall out. I ended up getting 9 pockets across. You certainly could do more or less depending on the hooks you use. My
sewing wasn’t perfect or even, but it worked. Weave in tail once finished with all pockets.

Note – I did not cut my yarn after each pocket, I simply just continued across. I started at bottom, went up the pocket and back down. Then hid the yarn across the bottom between the sc stitches and continued on to the next pocket.

you could also use slip stitch instead of sewing pockets. See update and photos below

Attach yarn to center side of case with a sl st. I attached about 3 st away from center. Sl st in 3 st. ch 15 then sl st in same st. sl st in next 2 st and fasten off. Weave in ends. Attach button to other side for closing. (I used a flowed with a button sewn in the center)


I bought the package of yarnology hooks from Hobby Lobby and decided to make a hook case out of cotton yarn. I used Sugar N  Cream from Walmart. I only used 1 base, instead of the 2 that the pattern called for. I also shortened it by about 3 rows. I slip stitched the pockets to the base instead of sewing them. This made clean pockets. It did make for extra sewing in the ends because I had to pick up and start new slip stitches for each pocket. Here’s the pics:

Back side before sewin in tails

Front side before sewing in tails


Save for later or share with others using the share buttons at the top and bottom of post. Most of my patterns are not tested. I simply write up how I make items. If you have any questions please comment below or you can email me. If you do not crochet but would like to order, I take custom orders off of my. Follow Crochet It Creations on all of your favorite social media sites.

You may sell your items made from my patterns. Please do not use my photos as your own to sell your work. A link back to my site is much appreciated when selling your items from my patterns. I hope you enjoy!


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