What to wear with wide-brim hats

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... Create a Fashion Statement with a Hat!"

Fashion hats draw attention - to your face and your outfit - and creates people's first impression of you. So it takes confidence to wear a hat well, along with making sure that you select the best hat style for your face shape and personal style.

Create a fashion statement with a hat

Tricky Fashion Accessories

Hats can be a little tricky for most women - especially when they shy away from wide-brim wearing them because they believe that they won't be able to pull off the look.

I do agree that a hat can be intimidating - because your choice of hat and how you wear it will automatically brand you as someone stylish or a person without any sense of style. Most fashion hats have a fashion statement that is very out there!

In this Shopping & Style Guide to Womens Fashion Hats you’ll discover:
  • How to assess your face, body and personality to make sure you select the best hat styles
  • What type of hats you should invest in to help you save time and money
  • Ideas on how to stylishly wear a hat
  • Shopping inspiration, recommendations and tips on the latest womens hats – from cool and trendy fedoras to elegant wide brims

It's a hit or miss. It’s a shame because hats can be really chic add-ons for your wardrobe, especially for the colder months.

If you have an irking curiosity about how a hat will look on you then I encourage you to try one! Remember, it's all in what hat style you choose and how well it goes with your face shape and personality.

Hopefully after assessing your face shape and style you'll be able to easily pick out what looks fabulous on you!

How to look fashionable with a hat - fashion advice on how to select the right hat style

How to Buy & Wear a Hat

Get fashion advice on how to look gooood with a hat! Hats are tricky accessories so it's crucial to get the hat style and not least the styling right. This page gives you the low-down on how to get the most out of your fashion hats. A must read.

You'll also discover:

  • The best hat styles for your face shape
  • Hats that are worth buying
  • How to ensure that you'll always look good with a hat

Shop the Latest Womens Fedora Hats

Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are sexy because the front angle of the hat draws people's attention to your eyes, making you look mysteriously cool.

One of my favorite hat styles. A fedora gives a sophisticated punch to a casual outfit.

Wide brim womens sun hat

Womens Sun Hats

A hat is the perfect accessory for the scorching hot weather, or the last icing of the outfit - and simply looking chic!

Wide brim, straw fedora and panama hats are just a few of many stylish sun hats.

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How to Buy Womens Fashion Hats

Glamorous wide brim hat

Wide Brim Straw Hat via eBay

Your face is the first thing most people notice about you, and a hat will intensify their first impression.

So if you want to give off a good impression, I advise you to put some extra thought into what type of hats you want to wear and how well it matches with your, especially your.

Wearing an accessory that's totally you helps you feel confident and people will notice that.

Look positive and own the hat-look instead of making it look like you're hiding a pimple on your forehead, and you'll be remembered as someone stylish!

Secure the Basic Hat Styles

If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure fashion hats in simple and timeless styles.

Examples are: Fedora hats, beanies and berets for Fall/Winter, newsboy hats and super chic wide brim straw hats, in your best (such as straw beige, white, black, brown, dark navy blue, etc.) depending on your coloring.

So if this is your first time exploring this accessory-territory, begin by buying hats in versatile colors and styles before adding any of the or buying them in colors other than the neutrals.

In this way, you'll be able to wear them with the rest of your wardrobe without worrying about if they match, and then just switch the style when you become bored :-)

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